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Next, some of Belleville's hives are trucked to Eastern Washington, where the bees will pollinate apples, cherries and pears.
We couldn't be more excited about working with Pollinate to develop the next great app that helps everyday cooks solve the daily mealtime dilemma.
Cane notes that the bee-pasturing approach could perhaps be developed for other regions where other tree crops that blue orchard bees pollinate are grown, such as the cherry, apple, or pear orchards of the Pacific Northwest.
It is common practice for producers to rent bee colonies to pollinate crops, and price quotes have risen as a result of the disease with some California growers paying up to $150 per colony.
ALTERNATIVE FARMERS While honeybees pollinate many crops, they shirk that duty for some, such as alfalfa.
Honey bees pollinate more than 90 cultivated crops, including avocadoes, cu cumbers, watermelons, citrus fruit and, notably, almonds; California's almond industry alone needs about half the country's 2.
annuus plants at Kansas State University was used to pollinate the line RHA 376.
Bees pollinate a third of everything we eat and play a vital role in sustaining the planet's ecosystems.
Calendulas will help attract bees to pollinate your veg QIN December I came across a large strelitzia, bird of paradise.
A dry paintbrush or a feather is the only tool you'll need to hand-pollinate strawberries and other plants that insects normally pollinate.
Three young AECOM leaders have just touched down in Bangalore, India, continuing AECOM s partnership with not-for-profit social business Pollinate Energy.