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Arup has engaged multiple areas of its business on its work with Pollinate, including International Development, Environmental Consulting and Energy.
Next, some of Belleville's hives are trucked to Eastern Washington, where the bees will pollinate apples, cherries and pears.
Mimicry is often a very poor way to pollinate a plant.
The following year, some of the new generation of bees that developed from those eggs would be brought to commercial almond orchards to pollinate the trees' cream-white blooms.
In the United States, bees pollinate over 130 different kinds of crops.
It is common practice for producers to rent bee colonies to pollinate crops, and price quotes have risen as a result of the disease with some California growers paying up to $150 per colony.
ALTERNATIVE FARMERS While honeybees pollinate many crops, they shirk that duty for some, such as alfalfa.
Honey bees pollinate more than 90 cultivated crops, including avocadoes, cu cumbers, watermelons, citrus fruit and, notably, almonds; California's almond industry alone needs about half the country's 2.5 million commercial hives for pollination every year.
The pollen was transferred to the USDA-ARS Sunflower Genetics Project, Fargo, ND, in the spring of 1999, and was used to pollinate the line HA 89.
They help pollinate (fertilize) the flowers, which in turn produce seeds for more stinky plants.
In fact, flowers that have not received pollen from other sources have the ability to pollinate themselves facultatively by reflexing their stigmas downwards to contact their own anthers and petals.
Trees don't mate--they pollinate. Or I should say, they get pollinated.