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Minister Winde said the pollination industry was an important economic generator.
About UC Davis Honey & Pollination Center The Honey and Pollination Center showcases the importance of honey and pollination to the wellbeing of consumers through education and research.
11) According to new estimates, a reduction in pollination services could worsen these problems in certain areas already struggling to overcome them.
Jackson said his goal throughout such walks is to illustrate how the pollination process is much more involved than it appears at first glance.
Farmers avoid pollination in rainy days because the rain ruins the whole process of pollination.
Ephedra pollination drops contain abundant sucrose, but are also abundant in phosphate compounds, amino acids, and polypeptides (Ziegler, 1959).
Pollination is the transfer of pollen grains from the anthers (the male reproductive organs of flowers) to the stigmas (the female reproductive organs) to start the process of sexual reproduction.
Honeybees, a non-native species, are currently used almost exclusively for plant pollination in the United States, and are also the most vulnerable to CCD.
To avoid limiting cropping, even more than site selection (plant in full sun) or soil type (well-drained, decent loam), an understanding of the pollination requirements of the particular plant is needed.
Fertilization and watering only had an effect on harvest yield in combination with the pollination manipulations.
Talking to Qatar Tribune, some farmers working in date farms said that the benign weather conditions will favour pollination and offer good harvest.