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Ephedra pollination drops contain abundant sucrose, but are also abundant in phosphate compounds, amino acids, and polypeptides (Ziegler, 1959).
Ephedra reproductive biology, of which the pollination drop is just a part, deserves detailed investigation.
Pollination drops of Ephedra have attracted attention for over 140 years.
All of these factors combined (timing of pollination, mating system, growth form, and environment) will influence reproductive success.
Because species of Asteraceae are dominant flowering plants and because of the lack of information regarding breeding systems and factors that can affect reproductive success, it is important to study modes of pollination and how life span of capitula and environmental conditions influence reproductive success.
viridis is not clonal and, therefore, hand pollinations between plants within this population represent outcrosses.
Therefore, we conclude that the mature follicles produced in this experiment were the result of the test pollinations only.
In fact, our knowledge of orchid pollination continued and grew over the past 150 years because Darwin's basic program of investigations (i.
To bring this review up to date we also recognize that demographic, phenological and environmental factors ultimately influence natural rates of pollination and fruit set.
Reproductive biology and pollination ecology of the rare Yellowstone Park endemic Abronia ammophila (Nyctaginaceae).
Pollination biology of Abronia macrocarpa (Nyctaginaceae), an endangered Texas species.
Pollination by hand, rather than genetic engineering, is likely to remain the breeder's standard approach for years to come, says ARS scientist Raymon Webb.