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Statistics included the annual mean normalized pollutant concentrations, as well as the variance across days of the normalized pollutant concentrations, for each exposure metric.
Thus selected high-pollution days in the period 2007-2013 on the basis of two co pollutants and PM10.
Study results suggest that the mixture of pollutants reduced estrogen activity in the liver through enhancing an enzyme in charge of estrogen elimination.
On the island's Northeast Cape, an abandoned Air Force surveillance station left a legacy of over 220,000 gallons of spilled fuel, plus solvents, paint, heavy metals, asbestos, PCBs and other pollutants.
The nonprofit favored Clear Skies because the bill mandated large reductions in the two primary pollutants contributing to the acid rain that had riddled the Adirondack Park.
Indoor air pollutants include carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, asbestos and lead, many of which are part of a class of chemicals known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that evaporate quickly at room temperature.
The CRC monitoring also sampled gross pollutant loads from different land-use types and found that commercial areas such as shopping centers and fast food outlets were the largest contributors of litter.
My pollution filters require no electricity," boasts the engineer, "and if located properly, they will not only screen out impurities, they will also cool nearby homes, saving energy and reducing pollutants associated with energy production.
The draft guidelines propose similar standards for eight other pollutants, including cadmium, mercury, lead, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen chloride.
In the past, a major source was defined as a plant emitting more than 100 tons/yr of a smog-causing pollutant.
Contract notice: Collection, transport and disposal of household (type and quantity) pollutants from households and other areas of origin in the delivery system of small quantities of pollutant source categories listed in the pick-up system in the district of harz.