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The interaction between ECE and POLLUTE tests whether, as suggested by theory, investors value ECE investments conditional on the firm's environmental performance.
Although the science of toxicology was still in its infancy the scientific community was not unaware of the problems of industrial wastes.(60) In its 1896 report the Massachusetts Board of Health discussed not only the problems of industrial wastes ("waste liquors or sewage from those manufacturing industries in the State which pollute or threaten to pollute our rivers and ponds"), but also possible solutions to the problems.
Farmers have been criticized for overusing herbicides and pesticides, chemicals that kill weeds and insects but that pollute water as well.
Instead of ordering how, the government could just command how much and allow businesses to cut compliance costs - and potentially to profit - by trading licenses to pollute. Those ivory tower ideas have gotten some trial runs in the real world.
Under the MoU the contractors have to find a technique within five days not to pollute the river while extracting the red sand, said member of the Committee, T Somorjit.
You don't have to infest the neighborhood or pollute the local stream with pesticides to deal with unwanted critters.
* Oil pollutes: Tankers and pipelines sometimes leak; refineries, where oil is purified, produce toxic wastes; burning oil pollutes the air.
"They're trying to go down a path where they'll pollute the environment and then clean it up ...
The microbe-oil filter could plug up pores in aquifers; make water taste or smell bad or be totally undrinkable; or pollute water with nitrites, a dangerous by-product of denitrification, they note.
In addition, surface impoundments can pollute groundwater by leaching and surface water by overflowing, especially during heavy rains.