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public water supplies are safe for drinking, many scientists believe more Americans will be directly affected by polluted groundwater in coming decades.
Wallace worries that the higher prevalence of benzene in smoking households may spell an elevated leukemia risk for children growing up in such a polluted atmosphere.
A resident of Dhoke Elahi Bukush, Arshad Malik said that polluted water is being supplied.
In addition to quantitative changes, the plants from polluted sites showed various structural abnormalities (Kapatinova, 2002).
In this context of pot culture experiment having twelve treatments and followed statistical design in this treatment subdivided into three parts: polluted soil with supply of fresh water, unpolluted soil with supply of fresh water and unpolluted soil with supply of polluted water.
The water is polluted with a mixture of wastewater, human excrement, industrial runoff and residual sand from quarries.
The report ranks Muscat as the 69th least polluted country in the world.
There is a risk that the dairy products may be polluted.
I do not believe that Baguio is more polluted than Manila.
Here is the list of the world's 10 most polluted cities:
The results suggest prolonged exposure to polluted air can have visible, negative effects on the brain, which can lead to a variety of health problems," said Laura Fonken, a doctoral student in neuroscience at Ohio State University.