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Big Polluters have no place bankrolling or participating in the UN climate talks.
The government had proposed annual limits on the amount of carbon that major polluters can emit and supported a system whereby companies could exceed their limits if they agreed to buy carbon trading permits.
He said the Environment Agency's next step was to calculate what the percentage liability of the various polluters was - but he refused to put a timescale on when investigations would be finished.
This vacuum has meant that two of the three traditional ways in which polluters have been called to account--through public outrage and private lawsuits--have gained no traction.
Moreover, he says, in the absence of standards for the cleanup of contaminated sites and limits for the disposal of wastes on land, polluters are not legally bound to clean up a site unless ordered by judicial intervention to do so.
It is unclear what has encouraged the adoption of the polluter pays principle in the United States, the European Community, and Japan.
"It made sense to pool our resources internationally to go up against big polluters, which often have large legal teams.
Agriculture is a worse polluter than industry, according to a report released by the Baltic Sea commission.
A legal principle will be introduced across the whole EU under which the polluter must pay.
The Supreme Court of Canada upheld the right of the Minister to use the "polluter pay principle" contained in environmental legislation, to impose an obligation on a party responsible for contamination of the environment to perform clean-up work at its own expense.
In a ruling this past fall, the Supreme Court of Canada backed the so-called "polluter pays" principle that is found in almost every environmental law across the country, saying a healthy environment must be preserved now and for future generations.
The Off-the-grid Home: This home uses an alternative energy source, like solar power, to ensure that its owners aren't contributing to the #1 polluter: electricity.