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He said there are more than a hundred 'green tax' options available to governments for applying the 'polluter pays' principle, including air pollution, energy, food production inputs, fossil fuels, metals and minerals, traffic, waste, and water etc.
The infographics noted that the slogan for the climate talks - Black to Green effectively captures the fact that Big Polluter sponsors have wrapped themselves in green branding while their core business digs up and burns coal, oil and gas, which is incompatible with the Paris Agreement and a liveable planet.
"The personal hearing of the polluters and violators also conducted in 39 cases" the officials said.
'The Commission will proceed with public hearings in 2018, despite the refusal of most of the big polluters to so far participate meaningfully,' Greenpeace said.
Until 2007, Houston contracted with the TCEQ to monitor polluters with city limits.
"As the people most acutely vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, we will not let the big polluters decide and assign our fate," the declaration reads.
We cannot continue to allow polluters to dump millions of pounds of toxic pollution into New York's waters.
It's unfair that communities which are less organized and less wealthy often shoulder the burden of hosting polluters like landfills, incinerators and power plants.
With more precise criteria for convictions and sentencing, the judicial explanation provides "a powerful legal weapon" for law enforcement, which is expected to facilitate the work of judges and tighten punishments for polluters, the statement said.
A RECYCLING firm branded Scotland's worst polluter have been fined a record PS200,000 for storing waste without a licence.
Carbon analysts RepuTex also said in a report polluters did not need to rush in to buy European carbon permits ahead of a merger of both carbon markets, with the price of European allowances to remain low.
Australia's biggest polluters, from coal-fired power stations to smelters, will initially pay $23 per tonne of carbon dioxide emitted, more than twice the cost of carbon pollution in the European Union, which trades at around $10 a tonne.