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Exposing Australia's polluting giants is an important step in our work transforming Australia's energy production.
A spokeswoman for the agency said: ``The discharge was of a highly polluting nature.
The source of the polluting discharge was traced to a farm owned by Mr Kelso.
91 to the Environment Agency, which brought the case, after admitting polluting the Elemore Vale Burn at Easington Lane with raw sewage.
Northumbrian Water Ltd was fined pounds 3,000 at Sunderland Magistrates' Court for polluting Coop House Dene Burn, South Het-ton, which killed wildlife.
The mayor's spokesman said: "Porsche should not be allowed to impose gas guzzling, polluting cars on Londoners who do not want them.
The representatives of the most polluting nation on Earth have effectively thwarted modest measures which would have helped their own citizens as well as everyone else," said The Herald of Glasgow, Scotland, in a November 27 editorial headlined, "Staggering Selfishness: America Jealously Guards Her Right to Pollute.
or any polluting substance so as either singly or in combination with other similar acts .
The Pennsylvania AML Campaign, a coalition of 200 conservation and community organizations, today called on the Pennsylvania Congressional delegation to return to Washington next week with one goal Co passing legislation requiring the coal industry to continue paying into a federal fund dedicated to helping Pennsylvania and other states clean up dangerous and polluting abandoned mine lands.
Regulators ordered Boeing to stop polluting, but have not fined the company.
SOUTHERN Water, prosecuted with tedious regularity for polluting the countryside, has been in the dock yet again.
After years of silver mining in the mountains there, floods have washed toxins downstream, polluting more than 1,500 square miles of land.