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In the pages of "Haunted", Brad Steiger (with the assistance of Sherry Hansen Steiger) shares true accounts of ghostly encounters in the ancient world; horrors and hauntings in the forests and fields; possessed houses and homes; night terrors, poltergeists, and malevolent spirits; speaking to spirits; near-death experiences and out-of-body visits; visitations from dead loved ones; and much, much more.
After "Poltergeist," Hooper also directed two other movies for Cannon Films, "Lifeforce" and "Invaders from Mars," which was a remake of the 1953 alien movie.
This isn't a great horror but it's never boring and is a few shades better than last month's Poltergeist remake - which, admittedly, isn't saying much.
Avon and Somerset Police received a report that a poltergeist had "moved things around and deleted files from a laptop".
Oliver best known for his role in the Poltergeist movies teamed with Mihr on a mission to design clothes for horror movie fans, and those who appreciate pop culture.
Michael Clarkson's THE POLTERGEIST PHENOMENON (9781601631473, $15.99) provides a powerful survey filled with real ghost stories and presenting an original look at an old subject.
Superman is fine, but leave Poltergeist in the past.
Author and editorial cartoonist Mel Malton presents Pioneer Poltergeist, the second novel in the Alan Nearing Mystery series intended for young readers age nine and older.
The 'Spirit' (hereafter SVII) began as a poltergeist: construing, interpreting, and extrapolating, until the pronouncements and practices implemented on her behalf bore little resemblance to the conciliar documents, and the Church bore little resemblance to the Bride of Christ.
Novelist Edward Bloor has the perfect story to scare the dickens out of teenagers: A murderous poltergeist lives in a magnet school where the students just take standardized tests all day long.