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Sleekly insufferable, the insolent-eyed autocrat and poltroon tightens his gluttonous lips and wraps his hands together over his corpulence with shallow arrogance.
Granted, it's not easy to seethe in silence when you're being called an idiot and a poltroon (and an ungrateful poltroon at that), but seething in silence was the ticket to coexistence when they got him, and it's still the ticket.
With the outbreak of World War I, the rip-snorting ex-prexy tramped back and forth across the country, denouncing Wilson as a poltroon for not joining the fray.
CB: Captain Becher, sir, you ignorant upstart, you poltroon.
Yet there is still the odd office nerd who burbles: 'Ha, the inmates are running the asylum' when referring to employers; and everyone knows what the poltroon means.
Johnston is not only the author, but the publisher and designer of this, the most recent publication from Poltroon Press, established with Frances Butler on April Fool's Day in 1975.
So who was the genius, the poltroon, who invented the 5.
THERE are some who view the bouffant-haired, pompous poltroon as one of those English eccentrics who add to the gaiety of the nation.
Flashman, Brown's one-time school-room nemesis, may be lecher, womaniser, coward and self-confessed poltroon but he is all too candidly human as well.
Anybody who disagrees is a crack-pate, a poltroon and a nincompoop.
ONLY a pothead or the pottiest politically-correct poltroon would advocate the legalisation of cannabis.