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In the country of poltroons and those who nod their heads, the moral dimension of a nation stripped naked exploded at once, Rizaov concludes.
This was apparently a sales ploy from poltroons to encourage purchase, but who in their right mind - other than those suffering from colour blindness or males wishing to explore their feminine side - would consider wearing one as a leisure garment?
It was not commissioned with funds from the Australia Council, but was a generous gift from Helen to me, and proves once again the unquenchable spirit of our independent musicians in the face of the poltroons who mismanage our classical music organisations.
Dastardly poltroons such as Howe and Heseltine--well-educated and arrogant enough to believe they are the only ones to know what's good for the rest of us--are particularly dangerous, even lethal.
Now, the moaning owners, taciturn trainers, affronted punters and assorted poltroons who line the racing street to complain about the quality of the parade just semi-ignore the Qipco Champions Series.
Nevertheless, a cult of personality appears when a leader's personal charisma meets the rings of numerous, eager poltroons and enduring tacit supporters.
In the lavish possibilities for the verbal abuse of the people he despises, delight glows brightly: yokels can be called numbskulls or poltroons or morons or rabble or hinds or swineherds or witch-burners or the human kohlrabi or the anthropoid host.
The use of the public treasury for the benefit of poltroons, loafers, political bums and phoneys is a practice which I have been endeavoring to stop.
An epigraph before it leaves the wax, receives to give, and giving must itself receive, "difficulty is ordained to check poltroons," and courage achieves despaired-of ends.
Mencken one of the greatest American social critics and journalists would likely say today that we too willingly accept the antics of the poltroons and cads who pass themselves off as our political leaders.
On the contrary, there are opportunists, conformists, demagogues, careerists, poltroons, amateurs and Trojan horses.
Parris wonders how many of those poltroons could look him in the eye and justify their behaviour that night.