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Polycarbonate resins' applications are intensifying in a multitude of industries, ranging from electrical & electronics, and building & construction, to automotive.
KBR's unique PCMAX technology produces a wide range of high quality polycarbonate product grades with minimal capital investment, it added.
The electrical and electronics industry is the largest end-user of polycarbonate films, and Markets and Markets expects this to remain true throughout the forecast period.
Mo Liu, Director of China polycarbonates at Covestro, said: "Covestro polycarbonate is widely used in medical applications, and we have partnered with Wego in many medical devices including dialysers and oxygenators.
In addition to the sale of Trinseo's ownership in the joint venture, the parties have agreed to continue long-term supply of polycarbonate resin to Trinseo's Performance Plastics businesses and as such will maintain the strategic relationship between SSPC and Trinseo.
Some of the benefits of using the polycarbonate multiwall sheets are,
For the polyurethane synthesized with PTMEG only, the decomposition of the soft segments is produced at higher temperature (410[degrees]C) than that of the hard segments (364[degrees]C).However, in the polyurethanes prepared with polycarbonate diol (PH50), the weight loss due to hard segments is produced at lower temperature (327-328[degrees]C) than the soft segments derived from polycarbonate diol (354-367[degrees]C).
Conventionally, scrap polycarbonate plastic disposed of at manufacturing and other facilities has been reused by adding large amounts of new polycarbonate plastic and flame retardant.
Polycarbonate is a commonly misunderstood material and many people have misconceptions about the benefits of using it for an enclosure.
The chemical resistance properties of the Altuglas Luctor PMMA alloy allow it to replace polycarbonates in intravenous line components such as luers.
In the worst case, the welder is forced to take off the goggles," explains Matthias Rothe, an expert for polycarbonate eyewear applications at Bayer MaterialScience.
Polycarbonate is typically hard and clear, and carries the recycling No.