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The five primers generated 368 bands among those 48 were polymorphic (13.
In addition, 10 RAPD primers, created 127 polymorphic among them OPA-01with 22 bands and BB13 and OC4 primers with 19 and 18 bands had the highest number of polymorphic bands and OS-03 and OB20 with 14 and 15 bands had the lowest number of polymorphic bands respectively.
Polymorphic worms [9], [10] are special kind of worms that change their appearance dynamically by scrambling their payload.
Polymorphic VT occurs when the ventricular activation sequence on surface telemetry or ECG consists of beat-to-beat variations in the QRS complexes.
Polymorphic eruption of pregnancy is most frequent pruritic dermatosis of pregnancy, followed by eczema of pregnancy.
Polymorphic forms/new crystal forms can be formed by changing the surroundings, e.
Twenty of 50 RAPD primers were polymorphic which were used for further analysis.
The fact of the family aggregation of CA (the phenomenon of accumulation of genetic load) was established in families burdened by statistically significant prevalence of the homozygous genotype C/C and by a statistically significant prevalence of mutant polymorphic allele *C in parents of the children suffering from CA.
Due to its universal set of primers, no requirement for preliminary work such as filter preparation, probe isolation and nucleotide sequencing, RAPD (Randomly amplified polymorphic DNA) analysis is economical and useful as compared to other techniques of genetic documentation such as RFLP etc [3].
For molecular analysis, we are using three polymorphic fragments which are already known as producing good results in the studies of spruces phylogeny: non-coding regions of chloroplast DNA (trnT-trnL intergenic spacer and trnL (UAA) intron) and polymorphic fragment of the second intron of mitochondrial nadl gene.