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Polysyllabic Medial blends include two or more letters in the word medial middle of a polysyllabic word that are highly blend regular and phonetically represented.
We believe, however, that other factors may influence word recognition, especially of polysyllabic words.
As polysyllabic words were underrepresented in the corpus, this issue will have to be revisited on a broader material.
Long and winding, the two-sentence paragraph mimics the endless quality of this terrain, as do the polysyllabic words ending the passage: "apontando rijamente," "estirando-se flexuosos," "lembrando um bracejar imenso.
You think, surely the point of merging the three NHS trusts into one, albeit with an incredibly long, polysyllabic name, was to be streamlined and efficient.
One sample may contain thousands of compounds, most with tortuous polysyllabic names.
17) Tennyson furthers the game with long polysyllabic words like "horticultural" and "metrification," through which he emphasizes the anti-iambic spacing of accents.
From brush to flush, we're surrounded by polysyllabic curiosities best left outside our bodies.
Even if he had a polysyllabic technical term, the term would not provide the solution to his problem.
The square root of the number of polysyllabic words is then estimated by taking the square root of the nearest perfect square to the total.
And we don't propose to launch a full-blown, Human Factors Analysis and Classification System extravaganza, complete with diagrams and charts and polysyllabic codes.
Performance criticism makes clear how it is that all the multiplying interpretive disciplines need each other: there can be no doubt as to the need for historical study (both to settle multifarious text and to understand it in a world in which change is the only constant), for literary study (because polyvalence is not simply polysyllabic jargon, but a measure of the real power of a text to transgress boundaries), and for theological study (multiplicity reminds the interpreter that after the howling wind and quaking earth of "the interesting" and after the fire of ideology there is still the voice of sheer silence that could say anything).