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Difficulty with phonological encoding of polysyllabic words was also implicitly conveyed in the interviews by the low-achieving spellers:
As shown in Table 2, the accuracy on monophthong word pronunciation reached 97.15%, and that on diphthong words and polysyllabic words reached 94.96% and 93.62% respectively.
The Simple Measure of Gobbledygook (SMOG) index is calculated using the number of polysyllabic words in three ten-sentence samples near the beginning, middle, and end of a piece of text [18].
A short time on the Internet using the search term "change management" will bring up a dozen or more guides, many using polysyllabic terminology to make the strategy sound more sophisticated than it really is, in turn helping to justify high consultant fees.
III) A considerable number of polysyllabic words, which Blasucci terms "segnali dell'infinito" (Blasucci 1985, 123-151).
She finds just the right turns of phrase to convey the mix of linguistic registers (Latinate polysyllabic words with everyday colloquialisms), conveying the Eternaut's school and street smarts.
Comparative analysis with previous research of polysyllabic words (for example, with Lehiste, Teras, Ernstreits, Lippus, Pajusalu, Tuisk, Viitso 2008; Pajusalu, Help, Lippus, Niit, Teras, Viitso 2005) is highly appreciated.
If you wish to impress intellectually use long sonorous polysyllabic words based on the classical languages, Latin and Greek.
The omitted stress can be created by an unstressed syllable of a polysyllabic word ("poly") or by an unstressed or weakly stressed monosyllable ("mono").
Short monosyllabic words are frequent exceptions to the rules, which pertain largely to polysyllabic words.
It was the first place I encountered Artforum, The Guardian, polysyllabic words, Talking Heads, vintage shops, and pasta sauce that wasn't Bolognese.
Teachers may begin their analysis by determining students' capacity to produce phonologically accurate representations within monosyllabic words and polysyllabic words written in context.