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The farce then closed, to be repeated again with every change of the watches, and embellished with new and still more extravagant inventions of pomp and conversation.
Moved by a common impulse, they rose to their feet and fled from POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCE.
Bumble had quite dignity enough for two; supposing even that the stranger had been more familiar: so he drank his gin-and-water in silence, and read the paper with great show of pomp and circumstance.
We wonder at the grandeur, the riches, the pomp, the ceremonies, the government, the manufactures, the commerce, and conduct of these people; not that there is really any matter for wonder, but because, having a true notion of the barbarity of those countries, the rudeness and the ignorance that prevail there, we do not expect to find any such thing so far off.
For example, coming by the house of a country gentleman, as Father Simon called him, about ten leagues off the city of Nankin, we had first of all the honour to ride with the master of the house about two miles; the state he rode in was a perfect Don Quixotism, being a mixture of pomp and poverty.
Leaving the poor wretch to please himself with our looking at him, as if we admired his idle pomp, we pursued our journey.
Come and experience the pomp and pageantry that is the Birmingham International Tattoo.
In endorsing the Executive Committee's approach on factor weighting, Pomp explained that the "proposal to allow states to define the factor weighting fraction is a concession to reality" and that "[Ole recommendation of double weighting is unlikely to have much effect.
Pomp is as likely to serve as an expert witness in court for the side of the business taxpayer as he is for the state.
The Pomp Home sales staff is well schooled on current decorating techniques and carries an impressive range of modern home furnishings designed to fit California's cutting-edge lifestyle.
While Monday's ceremony is not expected to be nearly as outsized as Obama's historic 2009 swearing in, there is still plenty of pomp and circumstance surrounding the whole affair.
The Classical Brit award-winner proved why she's a favourite with critics and audiences alike as she showed off the versatility of her instrument with Hummel's Trumpet Concerto, Elgar's Pomp And Circumstance March No 1 and Jeremiah Clark's Trumpet Voluntary.