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cried the Keeper of the Wicket, in a pompous voice; "make way for Princess Dorothy, who comes from Ozma of Oz.
It recrudesced the laughter and the song, and put a lilt into my own imagination so that I could laugh and sing and say foolish things with the liveliest of them, or platitudes with verve and intensity to the satisfaction of the pompous mediocre ones who knew no other way to talk.
Not that the parting speech caused Amelia to philosophise, or that it armed her in any way with a calmness, the result of argument; but it was intolerably dull, pompous, and tedious; and having the fear of her schoolmistress greatly before her eyes, Miss Sedley did not venture, in her presence, to give way to any ebullitions of private grief.
The Legislature had refused him a salary while alive; but they appropriated money enough to give him a splendid and pompous funeral.
Shunning the tombs, it crept about the mounds, beneath which slept poor humble men: twining for them the first wreaths they had ever won, but wreaths less liable to wither and far more lasting in their kind, than some which were graven deep in stone and marble, and told in pompous terms of virtues meekly hidden for many a year, and only revealed at last to executors and mourning legatees.
In pompous language, however, which jumbled one sentence into another, and at length grew disconnected, he gave me to understand that I was to lead the children altogether away from the Casino, and out into the park.
During the meal the Frenchman was in great feather: he was discursive and pompous to every one.
So it would appear you're the one spouting tosh, you pompous old prune.
Honda is launching a light-hearted new social media campaign starring Instagram cat sensation Pompous Albert, to remind customers of the importance of keeping their Honda vehicles in tip top condition with Honda Genuine Parts and Service:
POMPOUS knight of the realm and David Cameron's ex-press chief Craig Oliver was gently ridiculed on live TV after telling presenter Andrew Marr: "It is 'Sir Craig' but I'm very happy for you to call me 'Craig'".
Goole points out that pompous patriarch Arthur Birling (Ken Stott) fired her from his factory for standing up for workers' rights.
He's got pompous, but in my opinion all politicians get pompous" Former minister without portfolio Kenneth Clarke "The Prince Harry Syndrome: a pathological need constantly to undress" One of the "ailments" of British holidaymakers listed by mass-selling German newspaper Bild "Driverless cars are great for people who have never had a computer freeze or phone signal drop-out.