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Bovey's website pompously claimed the ball raised nearly pounds 500,000 for charity - but annual accounts show it handed over just pounds 112,984.
Then he pompously declared: "But show me a man who's never made a mistake and I'll show you a man who's done nothing.
Mrs Thatcher was out to prove that, had Ted Heath not pompously rushed his government into a General Election in the previous dispute, the Tories would have won another term.
So, dear "high-level insider" the nerve of casually, and pompously, blethering about "putting Liverpool on the world map" is a veritable cheek, if not an impertinence.
This is a godsend to the LUMPS who, instead of referring their constituent to the local AM, as they should, pompously promise that they 'will take the matter up'.
What's also depressing is the rolling news stations (especially the increasingly dumbed-down BBC News 24) broadcasting endless footage of her garage, sticking cameras all over her car and then pompously wondering if her son's life will be too strange.
This summer he dropped his running mate, Mohammad Fahim, a power- hungry general who had pompously awarded himself the title of field marshal after the fall of the Taliban.
Even Paul Daniels at his most pompously loathsome was never this repellent.
Two older clubbers sit on a sofa and pompously pontificate about how the rave scene's not what it used to be.
But O'Rourke's charm is that he's not one of the self-serious types found haunting the low-rent neighborhood of cable television networks sponsored by NBC, pompously holding forth on the affairs of the day.
Saville refuses to cotton to the rage for "theory," as postmodernist blather is pompously labeled, but she has a fine theoretical mind, and she writes in English, not elitist jargon.
It was in August last year that I exposed the pompously named Global Media Corporation, and as far back as 1997 that I wrote about the charlatan behind it.