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Georgy loved the redcoats, and his grandpapa told him how his father had been a famous soldier, and introduced him to many sergeants and others with Waterloo medals on their breasts, to whom the old grandfather pompously presented the child as the son of Captain Osborne of the --th, who died gloriously on the glorious eighteenth.
Copies were put up at the corners of the streets; and even they who had begun to open negotiations interrupted them, being resolved to await the succor so pompously announced.
We're goin' t' move t' morrah--sure," he said pompously to a group in the company street.
He had come - putting the thing pompously - to look at his "property," which he had thus for a third of a century not been within four thousand miles of; or, expressing it less sordidly, he had yielded to the humour of seeing again his house on the jolly corner, as he usually, and quite fondly, described it - the one in which he had first seen the light, in which various members of his family had lived and had died, in which the holidays of his overschooled boyhood had been passed and the few social flowers of his chilled adolescence gathered, and which, alienated then for so long a period, had, through the successive deaths of his two brothers and the termination of old arrangements, come wholly into his hands.
Your unfinished work is a small thing," said Challenger pompously, "when weighed against the fact that my own MAGNUM OPUS, `The Ladder of Life,' is still in the first stages.
It is certain that the more reduced and necessitous they were, the more pompously the skeleton emerged from its tomb; and that when there was anything particularly shabby in the wind, the skeleton always came out with the ghastliest flourish.
The London Times alluded pompously to the telephone as the latest American humbug, and gave many profound reasons why speech could not be sent over a wire, because of the intermittent nature of the electric current.
The meaning of my Star is War,' he replied pompously.
And some of us thought Clarke's pompously aggressive performance in front of a Commons select committee was a low point.
The government had started the repatriation process pompously a few years ago; however, the process is yet to be completed.
On the pegs, bowler hats perched pompously, each with the maker's name stitched into the lining.
In the video, the pony-tailed groom, with a lush growth of facial hair, is dressed in black and white, astride a beautiful stallion, galloping up and down his estate, pompously proclaiming himself to be a Rajput.