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All his obnoxious traits were on show - he pompously ducked the questions by drowning out Emily Maitlis and lazily forgot one questioner's name.
Although the government and law enforcement agencies welcomed National Action Plan (NAP) pompously, the state is yet to achieve the cardinal objective of the plan: not allowing militant outfits and armed gangs to operate in the country.
Jacqueline perfected the look of a diva as she pompously shared her chiselled physique on the cover.
The cross-LoC trade was launched pompously by India and Pakistan as their second Kashmir-centric confidence building measure in October 2008 three and a half years after the launching of cross-LoC travel.
They pompously think they know best, and the same people then bemoan the rise of "populism".
Tusk's comment prompted a splenetic response, dealt with calmly but pompously by Commons Speaker John Bercow.
"The problem with this guy is, he pompously claims to be unafraid of the criminal charges against him and yet his body language, his rantings against the President show the opposite.
Presidential Spokesman Salvador Panelo said Trillanes should just consult his lawyer and prepare his defense from the libel charges after "pompously" claiming he was unafraid of the complaint.
'He pompously claims he is not afraid of facing the criminal suits against him but his partisan vociferous rantings show that he is in mortal fear of going back to jail,' Panelo added.
Ex-manager Andrew Lawrence insists the former minister pompously declared "I am a Member of Parliament" and refused to leave - before door staff manhandled him out.
On the pegs, bowler hats perched pompously, each with the maker's name stitched into the lining.
In the video, the pony-tailed groom, with a lush growth of facial hair, is dressed in black and white, astride a beautiful stallion, galloping up and down his estate, pompously proclaiming himself to be a Rajput.