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Let us avoid the customary Arab petulance and pompousness here.
The long-anticipated Mega launch may be the most awkward event in the history of tech releases, as Kim Dotcom presided over one of the most embarrassing and silly displays of pompousness in recent memory early Sunday morning Eastern Standard Time.
If the winner of this series was to be decided by a big cardboard boastometer measuring the idiocy and pompousness of the candidates' personal statements, then we'd have the winner tonight.
Needless to highlight the needs then of it in a society like ours fraught with religious and sectarian intolerance, aggression, conflicting personalities, revered materialistic values, and pompousness.
More representative of your drawing style, your 1916 illustration of the aforementioned "Villager" out to find amusement is a highlight of the exhibition, part-Rea Irvin black-and-white pompousness, part-flowing Nouveau grace.
Excelled "She is a tough hardworking professional and does not suffer fools gladly and was never the kind of person to fall for the kind of nonsense management speak and pompousness you get so much within the BBC these days.
While the delicately forceful beauty of Bejart's choreography was skillfully delivered by the Company, and the choreography (if not the artistic direction) in the additional sections is respectable, the actual ballet aspect of the show is drowned out by the crude pompousness of the overall artistic direction.
Levin's departure and return in this episode is doomed to be accompanied by some ostentation and pompousness.
I'M sick of the arrogance, pompousness and downright ignorance of some press officers I have to deal with for my show.
Kedar's name may be an allusion to biblical Arab nomadic tribes known as the Kedarites which were doomed to destruction according to Isaiah's prophecy because of their godlessness, pompousness, and bloodthirstiness (Isa.
Harry Groener gives his actor Richard the slight pompousness he needs and his priest Henry Garnet a thoughtfulness.
Although Kingsley can be a little mannered and never quite masks his inherent pompousness, he gradually reveals David's vulnerability and fears while Cruz proves capable of making you focus on her acting rather than her naked breasts.