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Ponder had also applied for a fill permit, according to a county official, but withdrew his application in 2008.
However, Ponder says, when the opportunity arose for him to once again manufacture cabinetry, he jumped at the chance for a new start.
The issue of what is required of a research university is left unanswered, and one is left to ponder what future contributions Donald Schmeltekopf would have made to that project had he have remained as provost.
The second verse becomes more personal as we are challenged to "open our lips, open our minds to ponder, open the door of concord opening into grace.
As we watched the patient ponder his choices, we noticed that his doctor was sitting in the stands next to us.
We all know about the myriad requirements of No Child, but just reading our Update section shows that administrators should lead the fight against child obesity, consider starting a district-wide fiber optic network, ponder eliminating middle schools, and try to create schools that serve as the hub of the community.
Ponder, 44, now heads a company that offers a full line of communication services, including media relations, crisis management, community relations, event planning and corporate identity development.
MG Bowman and BG Ponder thanked the soldiers of the 1st Signal for their selfless service and continued dedication.
Some see it solely as a means of getting rid of Saddam, while others ponder reshaping the entire Middle East.
Historians continue to ponder the reasons for the sudden popularity of gin, the efforts taken by the government to resist it, and the social implications of both.
According to Ponder, presidents do not face a dichotomy between responsiveness (politics) and competence (administration) but a continuum linking the two.