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The PML-N is pondering over three names including Nawab Sanaullah Zehri, Mir Jan Muhammad Jamali, and Nawabzada Changez Khan Marri to pick next Chief Minister of Balochistan.
And I am left blessed, like the psalmist who says after pondering the mystery of God, "Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is so high that I cannot attain it" (Psalm 139:6).
A similar lack of pondering surrounded the dismissal of the Government's Chief Scientist, deteriorating, as it often does, into the usual media political row about Ministerial power.
Seemingly self-sufficient amid the benevolent wild, he nevertheless gazes broodingly out of the frame: possibly pondering the sublime, but probably listening for the unseen creature the trap awaits.
While those jailed at Teesside Crown Court yesterday ponder the cruel nature of their capture they might also get around to pondering the 'fairness' of supplying addictive illegal Class A drugs to addicts on our streets.
The book should help readers understand the reforms that lawmakers and business leaders are pondering as they seek to plug loopholes, impose new controls and prevent future Enron-type business collapses.
Still, a question worth pondering is whether corporate brands are more like the shining stars or the cold dark matter of the universe--out there somewhere, but emitting no discernable energy.
The virus threatened to further delay the surgery, which O'Neal scheduled after a long summer of pondering his options.
But on further pondering I began to wonder who was embarrassed: Morrison, for this reversal of views?
Written by the guitar player/singer, its small initial chapters are two-to three-page autobiographical stories that set up the background of the hand, while the later sections are tour ruminations and philosophical and ideological monologues pondering What it is to be punk (if that's what it is), what role music plays in the big picture, and how sometimes the shittiest of times are the best of times.
Myers and Powell offer their audience the opportunity to read the diaries first, pondering them, and then coming to their own conclusions.
For example, some investors reacted to the mid-term elections by pondering significant portfolio changes.