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The Marquis blackmails La Motte, ordering him to stab the young woman with a poniard "in her sleep .
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But were he here, detested as he is, How easily might some base slaue be subornd, To greete his lordship with a poniard, And none so much as blame the murtherer, But rather praise him for that braue attempt, And in the Chronicle, enrowle his name, For purging of the realme of such a plague.
Payne shows a tendency to the genteel, which may result from his reliance on the French: for "casket" and "dagger" (Milner 32), Payne has cofferet and poniard (194).
Then she tries to kill off desire by destroying one of its bodily manifestations: She draws a poniard and, clad in the sheathmail of an elected knight of nine, strikes at [Bloom's] loins (U 15.
WHEN the revenger Antonio, dripping in gore, walks on stage late in the third act of John Marston's Antonio's Revenge carrying a torch in one hand and a poniard in the other, the grisly tableau conspicuously evokes the opening moments of the play when the villainous duke Piero enters similarly bloodied and equipped, fresh from a double homicide that will propel the plot forward.
23 December 2011 - US biopharmaceutical company Poniard Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:PARDD) announced that its planned merger with local sector player Allozyne Inc had been terminated after a mutual agreement between the two parties.
The girl cut off the heads of the enemies with a poniard.
Tamora is ready to kill Titus's daughter herself: "Give me the poniard.
Retreating not the thousandth part of an inch; stabbing him in the eye with the unflinching poniard of his glance, Steelkilt, clenching his right hand behind him and creepingly drawing it back, told his persecutor that if the hammer but grazed his cheek he (Steelkilt) would murder him.
In common sense and reason, as well as law, the ruffian, who stands by and directs or encourages the bloody deed, is equally guilty with him, who applies the poniard.
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