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Ruffians, assassins, poniards, and a half-naked fleeing queen: Burke is neither the first nor the last writer to hyperbolize the events of the French Revolution in terms of domestic melodrama.
To prevent himself from being disinherited, Ravillon took his benefactor's poniard and stabbed him to death in his chapel.
Intending to murder Hubert, Ravillon hides near the site of the planned duel with the old Marquis's ubiquitous poniard.
Several Members threw themselves upon ROBESPIERRE, and murdered him with poniards, crying out, "Perish the Tyrant
If the trembling members Even for a moment hold his fate suspended, I swear by the holy poniard, that stabbed Caesar, This dagger probes his heart
A band of cruel ruffians and assassins, reeking with his blood, rushed into the chamber of the queen, and pierced with an hundred strokes of bayonets and poniards the bed, from whence this persecuted woman had but just time to fly almost naked, and through ways unknown to the murderers had escaped to seek refuge at the feet of a king and husband, not secure of his own life for a moment.
In Paris, for instance, it was commonly rumored that the queen's bed had been assaulted, though with pikes rather than with the bayonets and poniards that Burke introduced.
Particularly effective (although built around an Oedipal model the continuing guarantee of which must now be in question) is the dramatization of Marie Antoinette's flight from the Royal bedchambers 'almost naked' as the insurrectionaries 'pierced with an hundred strokes of bayonets and poniards the bed' (p.
Perhaps, the blows with the poniards were transformed into the removal of the knights.
It is the dance of folk who are slow to anger, but of great obstinacy - forthright of act and speech: to watch it in its thumping sturdiness is to hold such things as poniards and stilettos, the swordsman with the domino, the man who stabs in the back - as unimaginable things.
Boots squelching in the mud, poniards raking the flesh, an overseer goading, goading moving the column for them to pay their tithes and tributes.