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POOL. A small lake of standing water.
     2. By the grant of a pool, it is said, both the land and water will pass. Co. Litt. 5. Vide Stagnum; Water. Undoubtedly the right to fish, and probably the right to use hydraulic works, will be acquired by such grant. 2 N. Hamps. Rep. 259; An on Wat. Courses, 47; Plowd. 161; Vaugh. 103; Bac. Ab. Grants, H 3; Com. Dig. Grant, E 5; 5 Cowen, 216; Cro. Jac. 150; 1 Lev. 44; Co. Litt. 5.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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It introduces the "linkage" concept, which means a taxpayer's LIFO method will not clearly reflect income without a link between the scope of the LIFO election and the LIFO pooling method.
In the short run, however, acquiring companies who relied heavily on pooling will see significant changes in financial ratios as they switch to the purchase method.
* Unlike other exchange transactions, the pooling of interests method does not record fair values of the items exchanged;
This is not permitted if the company applies pooling accounting.
Index-based pooling overcomes these weaknesses by using a catastrophe index instead of individual company losses.
The concept of separating purchased and produced goods for LIFO pooling purposes is based on differences in the costing configuration, which might distort income.
They argue that eliminating the pooling method for those transactions is not conceptually correct, and that both methods should be preserved because each produces accounting results that appropriately reflect key differences in the ownership, structure and strategic intent of the combined entity.
The Visio deal would have been made whether or not the pooling method was available, he said, showing little concern over the effect of goodwill charges on Microsoft's earnings.
However, a benefit may result from pooling changes.
Robert Willens, a CPA with Lehman Brothers, said FASB's elimination of the pooling-of-interests method will increase the number and pacing of pooling transactions between now and the time the change goes into effect.
"The use of pooling of interests is very important in some mergers," said Crooch, "and I have even had clients tell me, `If we can't account for this merger as a pooling of interests, we're not going to do it at all.'"
Absent also was the notion a true pooling could hardly occur without a continuity of management or complementary lines of business.