poor administration

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The tax credits system, Labour's flagship policy to cut poverty, has made many claimants more than pounds 6,000 a year better off, but has been dogged by poor administration.
One quarter of the allegations against poor administration concerned a lack of transparency (including refusal to provide information), and the rest concerned unfairness or abuse of power, unsatisfactory procedures, avoidable delays in payment or discrimination.
Because of their poor administration there are bound to be errors on some of the forms that have gone in.
Poor administration and a failure to bring a large number of cases to court were blamed in the report.
Their report said: "This is poor administration, which creates confusion and uncertainty for those most in need, extra costs, and high levels of debt, much of which is not collectable.
I will be tabling an Early Day Motion urging the Government to do more to support farmers who suffer because of such poor administration.
The National Association of Teachers in Further and Higher Education claimed poor administration of the franchised courses had led to the current crisis.
A crunch meeting of Wales' 16 Premiership clubs will take place at Aberavon on Tuesday with the governing body being accused by those clubs of poor administration.
But accusations of poor administration, misleading advertising and bad customer service on the part of Rise, part of MKM Marketing, have resulted in a probe by the ASA.
What is sad for me, though, is they are risking the futures of all the young black and white players --they will miss out because of poor administration and policies.
In the Ombudsman's view, this does not constitute an instance of poor administration.
These problems are not due to the ambulance men and women but due to very poor administration.