poor chance

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This distressed me greatly, because the pleasure derived from having read such a small portion turned to vexation at the thought of the poor chance that presented itself of finding the large part that, so it seemed to me, was missing of such an interesting tale.
Parliaments were afraid of the bishops, and when there was friction between these two robes, the gown had but a poor chance against the cassock.
She had a poor chance for marrying, down in the world as they were.
I fear me, though, there is but poor chance of my seeing such a pleasant sight.
And, in English land, am I to be deprived of the poor chance of safety which remains to me, for want of an act of charity which would not be refused to the worst criminal?
Godfrey in our young lady's estimation was, in my opinion, a very poor chance indeed.
A hornless stag or spurless cock would have a poor chance of leaving offspring.
It was a poor chance enough, no doubt, but when I had tried it my conscience would be at ease.
Republican officials know that if they can't find a way to appeal to more Hispanic voters than Romney did in 2012, they will have a poor chance of winning the presidency.
DOCTORS gave Stephanie Morris a poor chance of survival when she was born with her heart the wrong way round.
htm) says though silver coins were found several times in Daundiya Khera over the years, there was a very poor chance of finding 1,000 tons of gold.
Payers are also experimenting with reimbursement models that move away from per-service fees to bundling payments for overall patient care or setting higher patient co-payments for therapies with a poor chance of success, Licking said.