poor judgment

References in classic literature ?
To my poor judgment he seems to be a gentleman in the highest and truest sense of the word.
I have been thinking it over, you see, since the late affairs have happened, ma'am,' said Bounderby; 'and it appears to my poor judgment - '
The party is incredibly disappointed with Ms Atkinson, who appears to have exercised extremely poor judgment in acting in a way that the party has never, and would never condone," a spokesman said.
The same poor judgment that saw Labor spend billions of dollars on an unused desalination plant is the same poor judgment that sees them stick with their job-destroying carbon tax, Mr O Brien said.
Cameron cannot stop Jean-Claude Juncker becoming the new EC president because he has few friends in Europe and is a weak leader who has poor judgment.
And while poor judgment and poor decision-making were factors that contributed to the accident, 53-year-old Mr Hopping's use of the drug could not be excluded as a factor that contributed to the errors of his judgment.
I have seen a lot, but never so much poor judgment concentrated in one place.
It said: "We acknowledge the investigation's criticism relating to our poor judgment in talking to the media following the meeting with Andrew Mitchell, for which we take this opportunity to apologise.
This defence in my opinion is poor judgment, the Mayor evidently preferring to cut vital services rather than forgo a luxury the town does not need, does not want and can ill afford.
Summary: The police watchdog has accused Scotland Yard of showing poor judgment in hiring a former News of the World boss as a PR consultant.
This is a good example of poor judgment and unethical bowhunting.
The ComRes poll for News at Ten shows just under half the public, 49 per cent, believe PM David Cameron has dealt with the scandal badly and two-thirds feel that he showed poor judgment in hiring Andy Coulson.