poor reputation

See: ignominy
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Aside from poor enforcement of laws safeguarding the rights of animals, the Philippines had a poor reputation where dogs are slaughtered for food, just like in some Asian countries.
It is no wonder our area has such a poor reputation.
That may be quite a challenge considering Iran's poor relations with many regional countries and the poor reputation of Iranian cars.
But, on Westminster's continued poor reputation, she also said: "I think that is very frustrating for those MPs who did not do anything wrong or who joined Parliament after the expenses scandal.
Those of you that have been in the pub over the past few years will be rolling your eyes at this point because of the poor reputation the pub had sadly gained.
Hopefully this can help to improve the generally poor reputation of estate agents.
During the 12 years we've been trading, we've worked hard to change people's perception of a business area that's traditionally had a poor reputation, by always putting the customer first and offering a first-class service and products at competitive prices.
He said he wants to buy the hotel because its poor reputation is currently 'hurting the city.
By supporting and educating landlords and agents for the benefit of tenants, Rent Smart Wales aims to improve the practices of landlords and agents and help to tackle the bad landlords who give the sector a poor reputation.
Financial services' poor reputation among roughly two-thirds of Americans should be a strong call to action.
Citigroup and Bank of America have shown the greatest reputation improvement among financial companies in recent years, although both still fall into the poor reputation range in this year's study.
Some campaigners think it's the current poor reputation of the Health Board.