poor usage

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However, issues related to the size, high price, adjustability, their limited flexibility as well as the poor usage of technology in hydrologic or electric tables are some of the biggest challenges for veterinary medical institutes, which are likely to hamper the adoption of these tables.
However, some councillors slammed the 'NHS 111' service for misdirecting patients away from hubs and blamed poor usage of the hubs on lack of promotion.
"As a consequence of their poor usage, these facilities require a significant subsidy to be maintained.
One regular user of the M3 smart motorway section, Nic Gee, repeatedly got in touch with us to air his concerns about what he called "poor usage, and resultant mis-trust, of the signalling systems".
Lack of awareness, wrong perceptions about iodine salt, non-implementation of laws and inadequate performances of concerned management on government and industrial side were the main reasons behind poor usage of iodine salt, she added.
Poor usage can lead to misinterpretations of intent or just confusion.
This results in a poor usage of the GS, which remains inactive for most of the day.
But the definition and limitations of these terms are still ambiguous and in poor usage, which makes us wonder if, practically, they have the same meaning or they represent different notions altogether.
A gyrocompass does furnish a fixed point for navigation since its gyros precess at differential rates thus providing an internal check on the motion; and "ain't," while it may not be poor usage, is obviously relatively poor usage.
This article explores how psychological factors can play a role in the poor usage of safety showers and explains how some product features can help to eliminate these barriers.
Pills must be taken daily and require high doses; vaginal gels that must be applied prior to each sex act are inconvenient, yielding poor usage rates.
These include: ordering from too many suppliers, resulting in complex negotiations and procurement processes; hoarding of MRO items in toolboxes, resulting in poor usage data and systems performance; and management of the MRO store room by maintenance specialists rather than material or inventory specialists.