poorly advised

See: misadvised
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Considering that Liverpool were never going to budge, Coutinho was poorly advised by agent Kia Joorabchian.
Mind you, the 40% who wish they'd taken an apprenticeship must have been poorly advised in the first place.
The striking junior doctors have been poorly advised by the BMA and untold misery has been caused to thousands of patients in the process - the BMA should shelve further strike action immediately and continue with negotiations before the public loses whatever sympathy they have for this industrial dispute.
Ellis Short has been poorly advised on football matters
Whereas the Le Fondre move was dressed up as a move to help him regain his confidence and the Jones move was a hard-nosed business decision, the Connolly loan seemed poorly advised and largely pointless.
According to Forster, it can also be a curse, such as yielding to the temptation to perform a larger procedure than necessary, refusing to learn a new procedure because it might be less satisfying, failure to refer to another specialist, or even opting for a poorly advised surgical procedure instead of nonsurgical treatment.
Whether poorly advised or just drifting "off message," she got into legal imbroglios in which she became the news, instead of explaining it, and too many retorts of "why are you picking on Bahrain," rather than the assertive feistiness which had been so refreshing.
We think that the SBA's opinion that making SBA loans easier will help more entrepreneurs succeed certainly makes great press, but must conclude that ignoring the cash flows may, in fact, contribute to just the reverse--an increase in failures from entrepreneurs plowing ahead with poorly advised ventures.
From the university administration standpoint, advising mistakes are bad because poorly advised students frequently require special consideration, policy deviations, and can expose the institution to potential legal liability (Swanson, 2006; Ford, 2010).
Djanie, in staying in the UK and keeping herself informed through phone calls, Facebook and Twitter is poorly advised.
Mr Barnes added: "While the conversion of redundant, underperforming office space into desirable residential units may seem the obvious solution in respect of certain properties, there are a number of potential pitfalls that could catch out the poorly advised developer.