poorly done

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Vice President of the Assembly of the Independent Aluminij Employees Union Stjepan Bevanda added that the plan to restart production was poorly done and did not offer any long-term solutions.
Diversion and detours are hurriedly and poorly done, posing danger to motorists and pedestrians.
Poorly done, an American withdrawal could reignite the Afghan civil war, emboldening terrorist groups and plunging the nation into another decade of turmoil which might then force the United States to re-enter in one way or another.
The Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) has denied reports that it has cancelled the $2.6bn Badagry deep seaport, stating that what was cancelled was the 25 Years Port Development Master Plan which was initially poorly done by the consultant handling the project.
But the poorly done matrix that was presented had only the intention of maligning the people listed in it and diverting our collective attention.
When auditors came to inspect the roads, in their report, they wrote:"The tarmacked section is poorly done and is already peeling off, a sign of poor marksmanship." This was just in less than a year after the completion of the works.
And as we have earlier disclosed in this space before, because of these poorly done warning signs on the Catalunan Grande road expansion project we had a near accident courtesy also of a drunken motorcycle driver.
The job of a principal is by far the most important in an educational institute and if poorly done can take a toll on the students and teachers.
They discovered that the work Raybone had carried out, which included some ridge tile repointing, replacing of lead flashing and facias and guttering work was partly unnecessary, poorly done and vastly overcharged.
"A lot of people are not aware of the legal rights they have when a termite inspection is poorly done," Whitney said.
Comrades, commend yourselves on a job very poorly done.
The appraisals were reported to have been poorly done, and the loan transactions related to them were on the verge of collapse.