poorly done

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com/DreeProvince/status/974209318450028545) said , if the person in the video was trying to stress the importance of a gun with a "knife argument," it was poorly done.
Well, there are some immediate environmental downsides to fracking -- or at least poorly done fracking -- such as water pollution and earthquakes.
Mr Heaton eventually ended up paying PS25,000 for the job, which Newcastle Crown Court heard was poorly done and worth just PS1,000.
A local budding musician is lined up to introduce his latest hits, and he ends up performing the whole album while forcing you to buy the poorly done DVD.
The Referendum was poorly done, we had the leave side making promises they couldn't keep because they were not a Government, and the remain side that didn't set out what it would do to ease people's concerns.
The choice to favour a Borderlandslike cell-shaded style is poorly done, ridding the game of the slightly creepy shoddy-ghost train aesthetic that so charmingly characterises the source material.
It's not cost effective to pay less to install a telecom system and then incur continuing costs to try to fix poorly done work," Wall added.
A further limitation is the very poorly done research on details about the war.
Poorly done work here can be difficult to repair, often requiring welding and refinishing.
If poorly done, this person may choose not to seek help again.
It also leaves a roughly round shadow below the white dots similar to poorly done offset printing.
Was the fitting of the buttplate poorly done on all of them?