poorly off

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Spiezio provided the lone highlight Saturday, ripping a double off Lewis in the sixth inning and motoring home when Texas right fielder Jason Jones played it poorly off the wall for a two-base error.
She found a terraced house near to the Coventry and Warwickshire Hospital, but after dad died we were very poorly off.
Those whose institutions come more recently to the game of fund-raising may feel as though we are poorly off by comparison.
We are in fact pretty poorly off in terms of machines and consultants.
Without plastic, you would probably be very poorly off today.
While they are presently poorly off, over the lifespan their situation may be quite good.
The jobs available only leave you poorly off after paying expenses.
There was an excuse for her when she ran poorly off that mark at Galway.
What correspond most closely here to the Birmingham outshop workers are the makers of small and cheap cutlery, such as pocket knives, and these are some of the most poorly off classes in the town.
MORE to report following news that Prince Edward's company Ardent is so poorly off that it hasn't been able to pay the rent at the offices it operates at the Wessex home, Bagshot Park.
The Martin Pipe-trained gelding jumped poorly off a very fast pace when disappointing behind Dato Star at Haydock, but back against novices he will be a more potent threat.
Perhaps Wyatt's switch shows just how poorly off we are for full-backs at present, and it's the same story in most of the front five forward positions.