poorly qualified

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I am poorly qualified to judge of such matters,' replied Agnes, with a modest hesitation, 'but I certainly feel - in short, I feel that your being secret and clandestine, is not being like yourself.
One of the most visible consequences of poorly qualified teachers can be found in kindergarten classes, for frequently inspections find that methods unsuitable for young children are commonly employed.
Those involved in youth promotion are poorly qualified for their work and Timor-Leste offers almost no opportunities to obtain a degree or receive further training.
The quality of education is a serious challenge; poorly qualified and untrained teachers, irrelevant curriculum, non availability of textbooks, shortage of other learning materials, insufficient space due to which learning levels are low, teacher's absenteeism are the main issues.
Many expats know, for example, of a poor desert dog which recently had to have its leg amputated after initially botched "surgery" by an allegedly poorly qualified local "veterinary surgeon" in a badly equipped clinic.
The situation is made worse by employing poorly qualified nurses, the research showed.
Thirty-two people crammed in like sardines, no room for them all to sit in a common area, poorly qualified staff and no facilities
He said he also wanted to refine the F&B manager's role into that of a "strategist" rather than a "floor manager", forced to run the operation because of poorly qualified outlet managers or reduced manning.
Various studies have shown that a good teacher increases pupils' performance by 50 per cent, while a poorly qualified teacher with minimum teaching experience decreases performance levels among pupils," Brown said.
Increasing upfront screening, education, testing and fees, and enhancing ongoing requirements to remain a mortgage loan originator would force the poorly qualified originators out of the business--if these requirements were enforced across the board.
The UN Human Rights report further discusses discrimination Roma in Bulgaria face when applying for jobs in the private sector, as well as the prevalence of poorly qualified labor among the community.
John Cridland, director-general of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), said the Government should consider offering businesses pounds 1,500 subsidy to take on poorly qualified teenagers as it tackles the problem of rising youth unemployment.