poorly qualified

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'I am poorly qualified to judge of such matters,' replied Agnes, with a modest hesitation, 'but I certainly feel - in short, I feel that your being secret and clandestine, is not being like yourself.'
The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) alleged that Germany's largest lender had hired poorly qualified relatives of foreign officials in Asia and Russia at their request, in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.
As a country, we need to look at ourselves and decide if this system is really helping us lead the world in education or if it is leading to a large section of our workforce being poorly qualified and unmotivated.
It is said they are not well paid as well, but it has also been reported of how many poorly qualified individuals are getting admissions in training institutions just because they want to be doctors or nurses.
"The new rent regulations will produce a stricter landlord, one less inclined to approve tenancy of a poorly qualified tenant," said Scepanovic.
According to experts, the market for poorly qualified staff is considerably narrowed while there is a tendency for search for highly qualified specialists - technical and engineering staff, doctors, nurses, and professions that require high competency.
CHILDCARE workers are struggling financially and poorly qualified - putting young children at risk of falling behind, a study suggests.
"We find that the childcare workforce is poorly qualified, and faces a number of recruitment problems, with many workers experiencing serious financial hardship.
However, if language is used by local authorities to discriminate against over 70% of the Welsh population and used to put service delivery at risk by employing unsuitable, poorly qualified staff or keeping vacancies open, I will always be there to challenge because the country's vulnerable people, the education of our young people and economic prosperity are far more important than the language an individual chooses to use.
Customers who have genuine desires for improving their chances of social mobility are lured in and taught by underpaid and poorly qualified staff.
Many academies are good and in Coventry we have some outstanding ones, but many employ poorly qualified staff or offer limited curriculums.
For instance, instead of looking at his insufficient yet overambitious policy preferences and poorly qualified advisers and bureaucrats who are naive enough to think they could deceive the PKK and its leader, Abdullah Eucalan, Erdoy-an tends to blame international actors for what is going on in Diyarbakyr.