poorly timed

See: untimely
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This light is poorly timed and it is typical that the fourth car comes through on yellow.
The decision was poorly timed and entirely unnecessary.
While it is not the largest tax cut ever, it is the most poorly timed giant tax cut in history," Leonard Burman, institute fellow at the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center said, (http://edition.
His colleague Janet Finch-Saunders AM said: "Her comments were at best poorly timed and ill-judged, at worst cynical and morally depraved.
If there are no obvious problems, like poorly timed copulation or absence of ovulation, tests will be needed.
The interview conducted with Sky last week and broadcast after the Spurs game was poorly timed with the situation feeling tense but Benitez is not going to walk away - and Ashley isn't going to suddenly change his mind and supply funds which were originally promised.
It was a very, very poorly timed goal but it was a really poor goal to concede too.
Coun Speak has since taken to social media to apologise for his poorly timed comments which were made just hours after the tragic accident.
Cavendish's poorly timed sprint at the end of yesterday's stage not only cost him victory but denied team-mate Tony Martin the chance to wear the yellow jersey.
Some real estate agents have had to cancel nearly a month of weekend open houses because of the poorly timed snowstorms.
With one hand we raise to a pedestal the cartoonists who dared to mock and insult a widely misunderstood and villainised religion of millions, and with the other we strike down an uneducated oaf who stumbled into the spotlight through light-hearted "banter", made a poorly timed joke to an audience of goading punters and chase him out of town.
It was the fifth time Adam (right) had hurt one of their players with poorly timed challenges - including one that led to Gareth Bale labelling him "a coward".