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where the degree of goodness of prices is 0.4, degree of indeterminacy of prices is 0.3 and degree of poorness of prices is 0.5 etc.
"I was really surprised by the cycle of poorness thing," Caleb said.
Main causes of these difficulties are poorness of education system and assessment system, less skilled teachers, school environment, strength of class, attitude to writing, use of Urdu language as well as mother tongue in classroom, less qualified teachers and less practice of grammar (Grabe and Stoller, 2002).
There was also not a constitutional framework to support the freedom of NGOs, while recognising that the poorness of a law does not excuse its violation.
for respect for the elderly age and the poorness. It prohibited eating
Misunderstanding of personal problems, promotion based on seniority rather than merit, lack or poorness of social measures, stressful climate, rigid or discriminatory attitudes of the high-ranked officers lead some of the best officers out of the military system before completing full term of service.
Table 1--The Integrated Data Table Serial Field name Type Meaning number 1 ID into Index 2 SNO archers (13) Student number 3 Poorness Decimal (18,3) Poorness level 4 Honor Decimal (18,3) Scholarship level 5 Moral Decimal (18,3) Moral performance 6 Sports Decimal (18,3) Sports performance 7 Competition Decimal (18,3) Competition performance 8 Intelligence Decimal (18,3) Intellectual performance For the poorness item, word information is converted into numeric information, with "2" representing extremely poor, "1" representing poor and "0" representing nonpoor.
1 Good / Many Accepted Nil Friends 2 So-so Accepted Nil Some friends 3 Very social / Accepted Nil many friend 4 Very good / Accepted / useful to Nil excellent me 5 Missing Can compensate by Mild depression mother education only 6 Social, so Accepted, but like to No many friends be free from these images 7 Mixed, social Accepted, doing for No better life, 8 5-6 friends Dislike poorness, Mild expression, blindness rationally anxiety accepted 9 Missing Accepted totally Depressed, friends, family Anxiety Fluctuating 10 Mixed Accepted, when No problem arise complain to God
Sasha only sees the bad in mining and the poorness of her community in comparison to others in her school, but Dooley shows readers the richness of small-town life as well.
In its characteristic combination the primary forests types there are richest in tree species (18.4) than the secondary (8.4); outstanding for its richness the presents from 500 to 800 m asl, and for poorness those closed to marine influence.
The Bluebirds finished near the bottom of the basement that term, with the poorness of Doncaster meaning there was not even the excitement of potentially 'dropping out of the Football League alltogether' to get excited about.
On the occasion, Ahsan Iqbal said that no businessman will pay heed to the call of Imran Khan and Imran has become a failed picture of desperation and poorness.