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The difference is that the escape is now happening out of fear from the intuitive eyes of the populaces.
The populaces are the ones that protect their regimes, which draw their legitimacy from listening to the movement of the populaces and to their feelings and aspirations.
The standards for interfering or failing to interfere consisted of the interest of the regimes rather than the future of the populaces.
Gaddafi sacrificed several generations in order to create a populace with an absolute loyalty to him.
The compilation takes an international approach to multiculturalism, including works about ethnic and racial populaces who reside within the United States and chapters on literature representative of the many regions around the world.
While the United States has always been a "multicultural" country, the full acknowledgment and implications of this fact did not begin to dawn upon the American populace until the civil rights movement of the 1960s.
Such an assumption may not only be unrealistic in terms of opportunities available within the home and the cost and availability of multicultural materials, but, in fact, brings us right back to the issue of exclusivity, which works in opposition to all members of the populace having the opportunity to "know and grow.