popular choice

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On such feelings, more or less dimly shared by all, the unanimity and general approval were founded with which, despite court influences, the popular choice of Kutuzov as commander in chief was received.
Popular Choice Award: Mashrafe Bin Mortaza Mashrafe had achieved the Popular Choice Award 2017.
Golf fanatic Jackson pipped fellow actors Sir Sean Connery and George Clooney - who was the most popular choice with women.
Summary: 'Haters gonna hate', but Swift seems to be winning the popular choice
In the popular choice category, A'Saffa and Amouage continue in second and third positions respectively, with Amouage improving its share by two percentage points.
The most popular choice of alternative career would be to serve in one of the three emergency services, according to the survey of 2,000 workers across the UK.
UK flight comparison site Skyscanner announced on Wednesday that its survey of 1,000 travellers, which asked which celebrities people would most like fly with, revealed actor and broadcaster Stephen Fry as the most popular choice.
A new survey reveals that the Harry Potter author is children's most popular choice when it comes to the perfect female teacher.
The Nilfisk-ALTO pressure washer range is a popular choice in fishing, agriculture and food sectors.
31sec star of the opening round and will be a popular choice to win the final heat.
Nighthawk noted that the PT1000 is a popular choice for remotely controlling multiple items because of its onboard ability to decode a single wireless message, convert logic level signals and individually control eight different relays.
The 604, with a 4,600-nm range and a maximum cruise speed of 533 mph, is a popular choice of aircraft used for regional and intercontinental flights; the aircraft is a good choice for flights to Europe and South America.