popular decision

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The decision to move the once April fixture to a later time of the year, when the track is at its best, proved to be a popular decision with an increase in entries.
It was not a popular decision, and that's an understatement.
This year, combining the two has been a popular decision.
He went on to further explain, " I know it is not a popular decision, but with the advancements we have in the queue, the incredible life-changing probiotics currently undergoing testing, and the very minimal need to do future issuances, there is no doubt in my mind that the company now has a real chance for success and a tremendous up-side moving forward.
is was a popular decision, a many competitors had travelled from afar.
The forcible ejection of "The Emperor" was not a wildly popular decision.
President Salva may use such recognition as a pressure to seriously engage with Bashir to accept the popular decision of people of Abyei.
The popular decision not to take part in any military strike on Syria has confirmed what many people have known for several years: Britain is a second division nation in world power politics.
The herd coalescence of opinion which became inevitable the moment the state had set lowing the war attitudes became interpreted as a prewar popular decision, and disinclination to bow to the herd was treated as a monstrously antisocial act.
From the point of view of the popular decision, I don't think there are any doubts.
Board of Education, that was not a popular decision.
on your own is not a popular decision, but I've not seen or heard of many truly fulfilled people who always do what is popular.

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