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It is easy to take a popular decision than a wise decision.' Ghafoor's presser comes amid heightened tensions between India and Pakistan following the Indian government's decision to revoke Article 370, stripping Occupied Kashmir of its special status.
In both cases, the Supreme Court had fallen in with a wave of public feeling, and had given a popular decision. In both cases, those decisions have backfired badly.
The move for the Sheffield Wednesday boss has not proven to be a popular decision, and Pearce is aware that the pressure on the Corbridge-born former Manchester United defender is significant.
The move for the Sheffield Wednesday boss has not proven to be a popular decision and Pearce is aware that the pressure on the former defender is significant.
It wasn't a popular decision either: Colonel Maurice Buckmaster had to sell his idea directly to Churchill before he could get permission to implement it.
The latter would be a popular decision with the spectators, especially if they witness a run chase on the final day, otherwise there will be little to interest them if the game meanders to a draw.
It was not an overly popular decision, as evidenced by the 324-307 vote with 69 schools offering no opinion and 118 schools not casting a vote.
"He has his philosophy, he puts good discipline in the dressing room and he is a very good decisionmaker, even if it is not always a popular decision he's taking.
"It may not be a necessarily popular decision or one social media keyboard warriors would agree with, [but] we have to be bound by the EU laws."
He was particularly impressed that the popular decision of Saraki and Ahmed on the issue of Kwara South senatorial ticket was done in the interest of fairness and equity, noting that both Ekiti and Igbomina divisions of the senatorial district had both produced senators who served two terms in the Senate.
Somewhat unsurprisingly, this has not been an entirely popular decision with internet users delighted by the short clip.
Chairing a meeting of the Punjab cabinet, Mr Buzdar said dams are need of the hour and Prime Minister Imran Khan made a popular decision and the Punjab government endorsed it.

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