popular decision

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It wasn't a popular decision and he said he felt like he was "in the position of the chaperone who has ordered the punch bowl removed when the party was warming up".
CURTIS Fleming's welcome return to the Riverside will prove a popular decision with players and fans alike.
LINE OF THE DAY February 1, 2018 will always be remembered as the day Stewart Regan finally made a popular decision.
Bennett has proven something of a fan favourite at Cardiff since his popular decision to reject an approach from Fulham in the summer.
This has to be the most popular decision NBC News has ever made and I am so thrilled," Guthrie said in her on-air announcement Tuesday.
This has to be the most popular decision NBC has ever made, and I am so thrilled," she added.
It's never an easy decision and it's never a popular decision.
Popular decision by many who enjoy drink Given this, perhaps it is time for the '' Chancellor of the Exchequer to consider whether he addresses this by differentiating between drinks sold in shops and pubs by reducing the VAT rate in the latter.
ON Friday, Birmingham City made what seems to have been a very popular decision to appoint Steve Cotterill as their new full manager.
The Courtyard has kept its original decor and, looking at reviews, this seems to be a popular decision with diners, as many comment on the logburner inside.
It might not prove a popular decision but it was the correct one because settlement negotiations are currently under way.
Lincoln Dawkin, director of estates, said: "An increase in car parking charges is never going to be a popular decision but we hope people understand that we simply cannot continue to subsidise car park charges.

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