popular favor

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It was associated with a number of questionable practices for obtaining witness testimony and fell out of legal and popular favor.
Kevin Sharpe's Selling the Tudor Monarchy is part one of a three-volume series that explains why the kings and queens of early modern England, from Henry VII to James II, needed to win popular favor, and explores the methods of persuasion they undertook.
While increased Russian visibility in Latin America has to date failed to win hearts and minds there, policies undertaken by the Bush administration may have won (at least in 2007) some popular favor in Poland and the Czech Republic.
While these concepts have been around for decades, they have been in and out of popular favor depending on the popular culture, and the degree to which the popular culture is promoting an environmental agenda.
But for office-seekers eager to curry popular favor, striking postures that call into question traditional US-Canadian security ties has posed a temptation too alluring to forego.
Or, in the words of Niccolo Machiavelli, "One attains [power] either by popular favor or by favor of the aristocracy.
NEW ORLEANS Just when newspapers and reporters are viewed as being dismally disconnected from the people they are supposed to be writing for, newspapers have an opportunity to enjoy a return to popular favor.
Before the end of the 19th century, burlesque had largely yielded in popular favor to other forms.
In spite of his efforts, Christus was not a literary success and was too complicated and lifeless to win popular favor.
Apple juice, there as in the United States a challenger to orange juice for popular favor, muddled along at 200,000-220,000 tons for four years, before jumping to 330,000 in 1988.
Although a prolific writer of fiction and nonfiction for many years, Partridge, born in Phelps, New York, did not gain popular favor until his sixties, with Country Lawyer (1939), a book based on the life of his father, which was later made into a film.

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