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The CBI liked the commitment to HS2 but was not convinced about energy prices, which they believe is pure popularism.
They lost influence once Cameron grabbed the helm of popularism, kowtowing to the USA, eschewing principles for profits, denying verisimilitude.
These alternative courses are of sound educational value, but a major shift towards such popularism is having a distorting effect on the overall provision and will create long term inadequacies
Some of his more pompous academic critics would have us believe that a poem like Do not go gentle into that good night, which has given solace and pleasure to millions around the world, is evidence of a blatant popularism that is the enemy of 'true poetry'.
ASLEF train drivers' chief Lew Adams fumed: "This is knee-jerk popularism and it won't work.
Programme editor Vanessa Whitburn had been forced to fight off critics who accused her of cheap popularism by featuring the racy scene.
The editor of The Archers last night hit back at critics who accused her of cheap popularism by featuring a racy shower sex scene.
This is gesture politics and popularism of the very worst kind, and with so many schools, hospitals and social service departments etc struggling to remain within their budgets, was totally irresponsible.
But taxes are unpopular and we have a Government which appears to value popularism very highly indeed.