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Nor that he has a nerve telling the Prime Minister to start believing in something when he was the one that urged him to mainline on regular snorts of bogus popularism.
Its typical Chinese popularism, using well-known characters, fables, myths and legends most mainland and ethnic Chinese grew up hearing, in a big-budget, special-effects-laden series, ensured brisk sales in Asia.
Syncretic Popular Theatre: Concert Party and Yoruba Opera" praises the two forms for their popularism and relates their evolution from Christian inspiration to social and legendary themes.
Rogers continued to delight, with Lloyd's supreme in the UK boom, and undoubtedly the key tool in the second wave debate on architecture and popularism.
In these circumstances monetary popularism presents itself as an alluring solution.
His books include Contemporary American Federalism: The Growth of National Power, Participatory Democracy: Popularism Revived, State-Local Relations: A Partnership Approach, and Curbing Unethical Behavior in Government.
Fresh from touring the world with Joe Henry and galvanised by 'events', not least the worrying rise of popularism, Billy Bragg is dealing with it in the best way he knows how, by strapping on his electric guitar and heading out on tour across the UK and Europe.
The CBI liked the commitment to HS2 but was not convinced about energy prices, which they believe is pure popularism.
They lost influence once Cameron grabbed the helm of popularism, kowtowing to the USA, eschewing principles for profits, denying verisimilitude.
Mr Cameron's biggest challenge in seeking to shift his party to the centre and away from the right-wing popularism of Mr Duncan Smith and Mr Howard is to present moderate policies that make the Conservatives sharply different to New Labour.
Popularism easily leads to commercialism, which is another aspect common between Victorian theatre and Ninagawa productions: the long run system of the Victorian theatre and Ninagawa's repeated tour of the same hit production over several years.
Some of his more pompous academic critics would have us believe that a poem like Do not go gentle into that good night, which has given solace and pleasure to millions around the world, is evidence of a blatant popularism that is the enemy of 'true poetry'.