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Though popularly ascribed to Homer, its real author is said by Suidas to have been Pigres, a Carian, brother of Artemisia, `wife of Mausonis', who distinguished herself at the battle of Salamis.
The exhibitor disappeared with all speed behind the drapery; and his partner, stationing himself by the side of the Theatre, surveyed the audience with a remarkable expression of melancholy, which became more remarkable still when he breathed a hornpipe tune into that sweet musical instrument which is popularly termed a mouth-organ, without at all changing the mournful expression of the upper part of his face, though his mouth and chin were, of necessity, in lively spasms.
We've aggressively priced all three Bonneville models -- SE, SLE, and the supercharged SSEi -- and despite adding a tremendous amount of additional equipment, many popularly equipped models will cost less than 1999 models," said Mary Boland, Bonneville brand manager.
He is the country's fifth president and the first popularly elected.
In any event, the NOLs of a research-oriented corporation may not be as accessible to offset taxes as popularly thought.
Each year since the late 1970s, much of the stratospheric ozone above Antarctica has disappeared during September, creating what is popularly called the ozone hole.
It was now popularly perceived as a separate stage of life requiring special treatment by psychologists, educationalists and law enforcement officials.
It describes the next wave of very large orders - not for what is popularly believed and not where most of the industry predicts it will occur.
Summary: Season 7 of 'Western Union Camp Ka Champ', the singing contest popularly known as 'Dubai Idol' in the South Asian expat community, has begun.
Summary: Sudden rise of pollution levels is increasingly affecting Jammu and Kashmir, popularly known as 'Paradise' on earth.
The popularly perpetuated history is that a lone, heroic detective infiltrated the notorious gang and brought them all to hangman's justice; now, Anthracite Lads sheds the light of modern scrutiny upon long-buried violence to reveal heretofore hidden truths.
Guadalajara, popularly known as Chivas, had taken a 25th-minute lead when Alberto Medina finished a superb pass into space from Adolfo ``Bofo'' Bautista, an enigmatic forward with all the abilities to play for Mexico whose insistence to forcefully express his individuality - bleach- blond hair, No.