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We are excited about the opportunity to visit the UAE and experience the rich mix of culture and landmarks for which the country is known," said Mike Krzyzewski, the Duke University Men's Basketball Team Coach, popularly known as Coach K.
The H1N1 flu, popularly known as Swine flu, will not be contained until 2011, reports Reuters, citing the head of the World Health Organization (WHO).
It was found and established by Aachaarya Sree Ram Sharma Jee popularly known by his followers as Gurdev (Godly Spiritual Teacher).
In less than six months an international jury, of which Gergiev was a member, chose French architect Dominique Perrault's gold and marble complex, popularly known as "The Golden Envelope.
for instance, is to leave for its new, purpose-built, state-of-the-art glass building, popularly known as "the gherkin.
Well, take it from Chris Raab, or more popularly known as Raab Himself, growing up to have a professional career as a Jackass is never part of one's game plan.
When products are of domestic origin, the labels must express the names of the prefecture, city, town, village, and other popularly known geographical locations, in addition to the labeling that they are domestic.
I wish, though, that Erhlich and his editors hadn't followed the trend in popularly oriented history and science books of choosing catchy over informative titles for most chapters.
Still, some saints have achieved their status without the pope's approval by being popularly anointed by the people.
Saint Anthony of Padua is popularly know as the saint who helps people find lost objects.
Twelve essays based on conference papers, addressing some of the less popularly covered aspects of Modernism, have been turned into an expensive, glossy, hardback.
Like James Baldwin, Ligon is a self-identified outsider--not only to the wealthy Upper West Side private school classmates of his youth, but also to his family's South Bronx neighborhood, and to popularly held notions of blackness as well as maleness.