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Those venerable and feeble persons were always seen by the public in the act of bowing, and were popularly believed, when they had bowed a customer out, still to keep on bowing in the empty office until they bowed another customer in.
Toothache: By age 57, he had lost all but one of his teeth and wore dentures made of ivory and metal--not wood as is popularly believed.
One call which whipped emergency services and the media into a frenzy was placed in 2007 when his force was alerted to reports of human remains in Wessenden Head on Saddleworth Moor, near to where it was popularly believed moors murderer, Ian Brady, had buried his victim, Keith Bennett.
In contrast, older businesses are stable and presumably have more access to capital than their younger counterparts, so it is popularly believed that older businesses are better equipped to deal with exogenous economic shocks.
08 ( ANI ): The US spy agency is pulling out less phone snoop-data than popularly believed, unnamed US officials have reportedly claimed in two reports.
Six decades later it is popularly believed that those who ran English football were immediately shaken out of their complacency by those Magical Magyars.
As a distinguished lawyer I am sure he realises that many cases go to court where the guilt of the defendant is popularly believed to be obvious.
His selfless work is contrasted in the public mind with the attitude of his employers, who seemed willing to abandon the complex and are popularly believed to have shirked their responsibility.
One figure is thought to be Richard I, the other Saladin - the Islamic leader, and the pictures portray a legendary tournament that was popularly believed to have taken place in 1192 during the Third Crusade.
Summary: Injustice is popularly believed to be behind a lot of the protests around the world, whether they are the "Arab Spring" or "Occupy Wall Street" and similar "Occupy" movements.
At the time of the split in August 2005, it was popularly believed that internal MDC disagreement over whether or not to participate in the then impending Senate elections, was the cause.
For Kathleen, 71, who used to work at Beamish Park Hotel with Kathryn, time has not been the great healer it is popularly believed to be.