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Well-being is higher for people living in more populated areas than for those living in sparsely populated areas, but communities of different population sizes have different well-being advantages and disadvantages.
Naseem Ahmad said that the smoke emanating from the kilns in the populated areas was causing fatal diseases and his department had fined 13 brick kiln owners for polluting the atmosphere and being a nuisance to the citizens.
Long-term measures would include more expensive responses, such as moving congested border crossings to locations outside of heavily populated areas.
This was done to normalize the information because a densely populated state would have both a high number of UBMs per person and per square kilometer, and only be comparable to a less populated state on the basis of UBMs per capita.
But, according to Penzi, representatives from the ICC have decided that New York officials can benefit them too by showing how to effectively model the IBC to accommodate densely populated cities.
Women's chat rooms tend to be much more populated in the evenings--when they get home from work, I'm guessing.
Jim van Os and his associates of Maastricht (the Netherlands) University, have found that people living in densely populated urban areas may be prone to developing symptoms of psychosis.
While the number of catastrophes reached an all-time high in 2000, losses were relatively low because most of the catastrophes struck sparsely populated areas, according to two studies.
People in smaller, less populated states may think the Electoral College gives them a bigger voice, but it doesn't.
The quintessential "socialist city" was inefficient on an epic scale, with sparsely populated centers that became more densely inhabited as you moved away from downtown.
Is there anything Canadian left in an animation field populated by Canadians?