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The residents of these areas protested against the presence of the kilns in the populated areas and called upon the authorities to put a stop to it to save them from multiple diseases being caused by the foul smoke.
Summary: OSH, Kyrgyzstan, Jun 11, SPA -- Private homes and tea-houses were ablaze in a densely populated ethnic Uzbek neighbourhood in southern Kyrgyzstan&'s city of Osh on Friday, and frequent gunfire was heard, a Reuters eyewitness said.
Researchers studying influenza transmission patterns in the Southern Hemisphere and in tropical areas, specifically Brazil, uncovered the unexpected finding that each season influenza travels from low populated regions near the equator to the more populated centers.
Such megacities often have a densely populated urban core full of fammable materials: schools, offices, shopping malls, gas stations, vehicles with their complement of motor oils and fuels, and even the asphalt paving.
To the outsider, it appears sleepy and bucolic but is, in fact, populated with eccentric brainiacs working for the government, developing all manner of gizmos, many of which result in inadvertent if routine explosions around town.
Miller says that health problems related to pollution from heavily traveled border crossings are acute in Mexico because most crossings are located in thickly populated areas.
The rank order of the 25 most populated states was compiled and then the number of used building materials establishments (UBMs) in each state, gleaned from a survey by the author, were compared to demographic and economic data that were hypothesized to be relevant factors in used building materials business development.
The code, though simplified has thus far been the basis for codes in cities that are not as densely populated as New York, according according to Marzio Penzi, assistant commissioner of the city's Bureau of Electrical Control and the New York City Model Code Program.
The industry-standard, 240-pin PC2-4300 DDR2 RDIMM is populated with thirty-six one gigabit (1Gb) DDR2 components using a stacked FBGA technology.
Often men's chat rooms will be populated with 99 men, but if you watch the screens, they're not really scrolling very quickly because the men aren't chatting in the rooms, they're chatting with each other [in private message sessions].
Jim van Os and his associates of Maastricht (the Netherlands) University, have found that people living in densely populated urban areas may be prone to developing symptoms of psychosis.
While the number of catastrophes reached an all-time high in 2000, losses were relatively low because most of the catastrophes struck sparsely populated areas, according to two studies.