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The population at risk for coastal flooding would decline by meeting Kyoto emission standards, but at a cost of $165 billion a year.
Geographic distribution and population at risk for major foodborne trematode infections Foodborne trematodes Species Geographic distribution Liver flukes Clonorchis China (except for Inner Mongolia, sinensis Ningxia, Qinghai, Tibet, Xinjiang), Republic of Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam * Opisthorchis Kazakhstan, Russian Federation, felineus Siberia, Ukraine ([double dagger]) Opisthorchis Cambodia, Lao People's Democratic viverrini Republic, Thailand, Vietnam ([double dagger]) Fasciola Altiplano of Bolivia, Cuba, hepatica, highlands of Ecuador and Peru, Fasciola Nile delta of Egypt, northern gigantica Islamic Republic of Iran, Portugal, Spain ([double dagger] [double dagger]) Lung flukes Paragonimus spp.
Some who followed that controversy say that the Taiwanese data is flawed, as the population at risk was exposed to very high levels of arsenic, and estimates of exposure levels were not precise.
Welsh Secretary of the BMA Dr Bob Broughton said smoking in public places is putting the health of vast numbers of the population at risk and is also placing a huge burden on the NHS.
8 million US citizens and over 121 million people worldwide, with approximately 20% of the global population at risk of developing major depression at some point in their lives.
The parties will also jointly work towards designing and implementing disease management programs for the population at risk to effectively support prevent Cardio Vascular Diseases.
The main control strategy of PNLTHA is to actively screen the population at risk by specialized mobile teams (15), who refer patients with confirmed cases to regular health services and specialized centers for treatment.
Instead, tagging should be used for people already in prison such as sex offenders or violent criminals whose release would put the general population at risk.
The first Surgeon General's report on osteoporosis and bone health, just released, finds lack of simple preventive measures puts an increasingly aging population at risk.

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