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We expect the national EPHT network will provide information to estimate the magnitude of a health effect in the population at risk, to detect epidemics or clusters, to document the distribution and spread of a health effect, to evaluate interventions, and to facilitate planning (Teutsch 2000).
They feared creosote- covered sleepers used in the pyre would release cancer-causing dioxins, putting the market town's 7,000 population at risk.
The technical team of the Ministry of Health that participated in the Dialogue Table for the development of the province of Espinar (Cusco), said that in September will begin the construction of the new Espinar Hospital, whose process is in tender, and that was approved the comprehensive health action plan for the population at risk of heavy metals.
Actions to alleviate DENV are tailored to each region, with the size of the country, variable geographic characteristics, funding, and size of the population at risk taken into account.
"Peru is on the doorstep of the Pan American Games and in Europe there have been reported 90,000 cases of measles so far this year, we must immunize the population at risk," he added.
Insecticide resistance is a major global health issue, with 40% of the world's population at risk for malarial diseases carried by Anopheles mosquitoes and these disease vectors showing increasing resistance to DDT.
Surveillance was implemented with the objectives of improving case finding, describing the spectrum of clinical signs and symptoms of possible anthrax illness, characterizing the population at risk, and determining the magnitude of the outbreak.

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