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With 71 per cent of the population at risk of Cardio Vascular Disease CVD , and a projected increase of 940 CVD deaths per year by 2020, it is pertinent for the government and the health professionals to develop new and innovative ways to tackle such medical challenges for the welfare of the community.
Additionally, the mechanisms for modifying the factors placing the population at risk for these serious medical problems as well as the treatment for those suffering from active disease will be outlined by CTCC.
They feared creosote-covered sleepers used in the pyre would release cancer-causing dioxins, putting the market town's 7,000 population at risk.
get regular mammograms, leaving a large percentage of the population at risk for later-stage, difficult-to-treat breast cancer.
Insecticide resistance is a major global health issue, with 40% of the world's population at risk for malarial diseases carried by Anopheles mosquitoes and these disease vectors showing increasing resistance to DDT.
However, the military is not the only population at risk for biological attack.
has been estimated to be as high as $26 billion per year and is expected to rise as the population at risk grows from 44.

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