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The company said COALESCE combines the osseointegration capabilities of porous metal implants with the favorable imaging and mechanical properties of traditional PEEK implants.
The intended applications of this theory may be found in the field of geophysics and the manufactured porous solids.
Key Words: MHD Mixed Convection, Flow through porous surface, Non-linearly shrinking surface.
Porous materials and molecular sieves attract much attention due to their remarkable characteristics.
As a consequence, the Board Members of Porous Power Technologies have decided to wind down operations in an orderly manner.
Because of the unique porous structure containing micropores interconnected by microchannels, the mechanical behavior of the resulting elastomer is expected to be different from that of normal close-cell [12-17] and open-cell [18-21] materials.
They are from the workshop Simulation of Flow and Transport in Porous Media and Applications in Waste Management and CO2 Sequestration, held in Linz, Austria in October 2011.
The filtering capabilities of a scoria based porous concrete coupled with the strengthening nature of corrosive resistant fibers will help open doors for different uses of porous concrete.
In the case of highly porous medium such as fiber glass, papus of dandelion the flow occurs even in the absence of the pressure gradient.
The center portion of the implant was a porous tantalum sleeve over the titanium core that provided porosity for bone ingrowth for long-term fixation and skin ingrowth to seal the implant interface.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian researchers used functionalized porous nanosilica to release clarithromycin drug which is used in the treatment of sore throat, inflammation of tonsils, acute bacterial sinusitis, intensification of chronic bronchitis in the skin structure and infections.
Filtrona Porous Technologies has purchased a 100% stake in the John R.