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To be sure, there is progressively less porousness within an end wall pit membrane of a single plant as one goes from root to inflorescence axis in Epidendrum and Phalaenopsis, suggesting a decrease in conductive ability as one goes from root to inflorescence axis, but in the form of a minor gradation of tracheid microstructure.
Much more than a manual of early modern poetics, The Art is revealed here to be a book about interchange, even porousness, in the institutions that bound Elizabethan society together and bound individuals to one another.
Whereas some have remarked on the porousness of the walls of the lettered city even before this watershed, noting that indigenous cultures and languages and lettered culture had interacted at times in a kind of counterpoint, with one (ideally) not necessarily dominating the other, Franco identifies a number of interrelated factors that contributed to its eventual decline and fall.
Its porousness is disconcerting, but by seizing on it Wilson might have produced a far richer book.
There is no question the contributors to this valuable volume have tried hard, and mostly successfully, to plug the many policy "holes" that exist concerning the porousness of borders and borderlands.
He argues that there are three major areas of such transformation: first, a notable increase in the standard of living matched with greater individual freedom; second, the decline of respect for longstanding institutions such as the monarchy and aristocracy, religion, the organized working class, and marriage; and, finally, the growing diversity and porousness of British life and culture, transected by new generational and ethnic identities and increasingly coloured by connections of varying strengths to both America and Europe.
74) By overemphasizing the significance of Japanese networks, Katzenstein understates the porousness of the region.
Worse still, the open-ended nature of Rule 23 compounds the porousness of Daubert because some courts, including the Ninth Circuit, have discerned in Rule 23's vague text a basis for ignoring the Daubert test entirely when assessing whether certification of a class action is proper.
I love the fluidity and porousness of oral storytelling--that a story becomes a joint creation between the audience and the storyteller.
Due to the porousness of Swaziland's borders, it is assumed that drugs transit to Swaziland from neighboring South Africa and Mozambique.
Likewise, Paster's reading of Desdemona's concern for whatever "[h]ath puddled [Othello's] clear spirit" makes visible "the work of physiology rather than metaphor elsewhere in the play" (64) as well as how the porousness of the early modern body makes it susceptible to penetration and contamination by "the fetid materials of the outside world" (76).