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PORT. A place to which the officers of the customs are appropriated, and which include the privileges and guidance of all members and creeks which are allotted to them. 1 Chit. Com. Law, 726; Postlewaith's Com. Dict. h.t.; 1 Chit. Com. L. Index, h.t. According to Dalloz, a port is a place within land, protected against the waves and winds, and affording to vessels a place of safety. Diet. Supp. h.t. By the Roman law a port is defined to be locus, conclusus, quo importantur merces, et unde exportantur. Dig. 50,16, 59. See 7 N. S. 81. 2. A port differs from a haven, (q.v.) and includes something more. 1st. It is a place at which vessels may arrive and discharge, or take in their cargoes. 2. It comprehends a vale, city or borough, called in Latin caput corpus, for the reception of mariners and merchants, for securing the goods, and bringing them to market, and for victualling the ships. 3. It is impressed with its legal character by the civil authority. Hale de Portibus Mar. c. 2; 1 Harg. 46, 73; Bac. Ab. Prerogative, D 5; Com. Dig. Navigation, E; 4 Inst. 148; Callis on Sewers, 56; 2 Chit. Com. Law, 2; Dig. 60, 16, 59; Id. 43, 12, 1, 13; Id. 47, 10, 15, 7; Id. 39, 4, 15.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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When viewing a web page, an HTTP request is sent from a specific port, e.g., 1793, to the server's port 80. In addition to serving the information requested, the server can solicit information about active ports.
Port 80 (WWW/HTTP) took the lead in the second quarter, when its attack traffic nearly doubled to 15 percent but, interestingly, was not the most targeted port among any of the top 10 countries/regions.
With so many IP ports available, this might sound a small IP profile to deal with from a security perspective, but the problem is that there are a growing number of nonstandard applications that use Port 80 across the Internet, meaning that a Web browser client must be able to support these features, he explained.
ScanSafe claimed that spyware is developing more quickly than the traditional host-based techniques used to identify and fight it, and that firewalls are not able to differentiate between legitimate and hostile port 80 traffic.
QuickTime, for example, likes to use port 80. If a firewall disables traffic on port 80, you cannot get streaming video.
-- 64% of enterprises admit they have opened port 80 - In order for users to access Web-based applications like Instant Messenger programs, personal Web-based e-mail and streaming media, administrators must open port 80 on the firewall to allow Web content to flow to end-users.
In Germany, Port 80 (HTTP) was the second-most targeted port, likely indicating that attackers were searching for the presence of Web-based applications with known vulnerabilities that could be exploited to gain control of the system or to install malware.
Activation was instantaneous.<p>The TMS is a true application-layer gateway, something we verified by configuring a rule allowing HTTP traffic and then hitting it with non-HTTP packets destined to TCP Port 80. Because they were not part of any valid HTTP session, the firewall correctly dropped these packets.<p>The IPS function combines signature- and anomaly-based threat detection.
This is because IM uses popular communication ports to access networks, such as TCP port 80 which is also used by browsers.
Because many of today's P2P applications use port 80 (HTTP) to bypass firewalls and access rules, BWM further ensures stability of the network by limiting P2P bandwidth.