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PORT. A place to which the officers of the customs are appropriated, and which include the privileges and guidance of all members and creeks which are allotted to them. 1 Chit. Com. Law, 726; Postlewaith's Com. Dict. h.t.; 1 Chit. Com. L. Index, h.t. According to Dalloz, a port is a place within land, protected against the waves and winds, and affording to vessels a place of safety. Diet. Supp. h.t. By the Roman law a port is defined to be locus, conclusus, quo importantur merces, et unde exportantur. Dig. 50,16, 59. See 7 N. S. 81. 2. A port differs from a haven, (q.v.) and includes something more. 1st. It is a place at which vessels may arrive and discharge, or take in their cargoes. 2. It comprehends a vale, city or borough, called in Latin caput corpus, for the reception of mariners and merchants, for securing the goods, and bringing them to market, and for victualling the ships. 3. It is impressed with its legal character by the civil authority. Hale de Portibus Mar. c. 2; 1 Harg. 46, 73; Bac. Ab. Prerogative, D 5; Com. Dig. Navigation, E; 4 Inst. 148; Callis on Sewers, 56; 2 Chit. Com. Law, 2; Dig. 60, 16, 59; Id. 43, 12, 1, 13; Id. 47, 10, 15, 7; Id. 39, 4, 15.

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In addition, the port of entry supervisor may consider non-U.
Immigration and Naturalization Service, where he served as an inspector, cares sustainment coordinator, and a member of the Paso del Node Port of Entry Collateral Intelligence Team in El Paso, Texas.
SageGlass has already delivered benefits to state and federal facilities including the Torrington Port of Entry in Wyoming and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Research Support Facility and Energy Systems Integration Facility.
The new glazing solution also had to preserve the project's key design goals of creating a model Port of Entry facility that provided perfect visibility of approaching vehicles, a comfortable work environment for staff, and made maximum use of natural daylighting for energy efficiency.
Along the highway is an electronic reader that checks the truck's identification and relays it to the port of entry.
17 /PRNewswire/ -- US-VISIT biometric entry procedures began yesterday in the secondary inspection areas at land ports of entry at the Lewiston-Queenston, Whirlpool, Peace, and Rainbow Bridges in Buffalo, New York, and the port of entry at Derby Line, Vermont.
The ACE system will be deployed to every land, sea and air port of entry where CBP has a presence over the next five years.
The implementation of US-VISIT at the San Ysidro land port of entry will allow for the more efficient management of data at the border, thereby facilitating legitimate travel and trade.
This marina will be a port of entry with immigration/customs services, laundry and shower facilities, entertainment clubhouse, swimming pool, nightclub, casino, first class dining facilities, duty free shop, food/liquor store, car rental service and marina store stocked with fishing supplies.
The Port of Portland will now serve as the primary United States port of entry for Hyundai vehicles, processing about 75 percent of Hyundai's total vehicle imports into the United States.
Since Saipan is the largest island in the CNMI and accounts for 90% of its population, Saipan harbor is the central commercial port of entry.