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Laparoscopic port site metastases: incidence, risk factors, and potential preventive measures.
Extension of the port site incision in order to extract the gall bladder intact is a good choice short of risking spillage of gallstones when trying to force the gall bladder through an undersized port site [2, 10].
The state governmeont has given an environment clearance proposal to the MoEF as the port site falls with the ecologically sensitive Gahirmatha wildlife sanctuary.
Works will include purchase of a mining and transport fleet, and constructing wharf and ship-loading infrastructure at Amex s Lautoka port site.
There were fears a new owner could close its Ellesmere Port site in Cheshire - which makes the Astra model - and a site in Luton where the Vivaro commercial van is made.
INNOSPEC'S Ellesmere Port site has just been awarded an Acorn Certificate following an audit by the external auditors Global Environmental.
Beothuk and the Corner Brook Port Corporation have entered the assessment and preplanning phases of identifying a suitable port site for development as a production plant for offshore wind farm gravity based structures.
The new owner of General Motors' (GM) European arm, which includes the Ellesmere Port site employing 2,200 staff and Luton where almost 3,000 people work, could be known later today or tomorrow.
No Astra cars or vans were built at the Ellesmere Port site in Merseyside because of the wildcat action.
It will be connected by a rail corridor from Markona Station to port site.
The presence or absence of these 'durable goods' at each excavated port site is then discussed in turn with the Red Sea in Chapter 3; Africa, the Bab al-Mandah, Arabia Felix and the Persian Gulf in Chapter 4 and south Asia in Chapter 5.
Vauxhall employs 5,000 people in the UK, with the Astra model made at its Ellesmere Port site and Vivaro commercial van made at its Luton plant, which is a joint venture with Renault.