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PORT. A place to which the officers of the customs are appropriated, and which include the privileges and guidance of all members and creeks which are allotted to them. 1 Chit. Com. Law, 726; Postlewaith's Com. Dict. h.t.; 1 Chit. Com. L. Index, h.t. According to Dalloz, a port is a place within land, protected against the waves and winds, and affording to vessels a place of safety. Diet. Supp. h.t. By the Roman law a port is defined to be locus, conclusus, quo importantur merces, et unde exportantur. Dig. 50,16, 59. See 7 N. S. 81. 2. A port differs from a haven, (q.v.) and includes something more. 1st. It is a place at which vessels may arrive and discharge, or take in their cargoes. 2. It comprehends a vale, city or borough, called in Latin caput corpus, for the reception of mariners and merchants, for securing the goods, and bringing them to market, and for victualling the ships. 3. It is impressed with its legal character by the civil authority. Hale de Portibus Mar. c. 2; 1 Harg. 46, 73; Bac. Ab. Prerogative, D 5; Com. Dig. Navigation, E; 4 Inst. 148; Callis on Sewers, 56; 2 Chit. Com. Law, 2; Dig. 60, 16, 59; Id. 43, 12, 1, 13; Id. 47, 10, 15, 7; Id. 39, 4, 15.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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[USPRwire, Tue Jul 23 2019] A newly compiled business intelligent report, titled "Global Port Wine Market Insights, Forecast to 2025" has been publicized to the vast archive of Market Research Hub (MRH) online repository.
"The allure of Porto, with its rich historic and cultural attractions, world-famous Port wine production and location on the Douro River, has seen the city enjoy an increase in visitor numbers.
After three of their caipiporto cocktails, made of white port wine, sugar syrup and lime, I, too, felt the magic.
The Soviet people loved and respected the port wine, as evidenced by at least statistical data: the country annually produced about 200 million decalitres of port wine, while all other types of wine (dry, champagne, vintage, etc.) accounted for only 150 million decaliters.
Lorenzo's experience ranges from Development Manager at Flatgate Partnership, a port wine producer and real estate development company, to Commercial Manager at Mentzendorff & Co, UK importer of premium wine.
-- A combination of propranolol and laser is more effective than propranolol alone for infantile hemangiomas, and rapamycin can improve pulsed dye laser results for port wine stains.
It is a progressive syndrome-child can be born with only a port wine stain.
A four-night trip to the little town of Regua, with the chance to visit the famous port wine cellars of Porto Antigo before returning to Oporto, costs from PS999pp including flights from Gatwick, 12-hour bar serving wine and beer, and five tours with Saga.
The Yeatman is built amidst the port wine lodges of Taylor's, Sandeman, Croft, Cockburn's to name a few and it doesn't exactly blend in to its environment but rather crowns it, built in terraced style to mirror the vineyards of the Upper Douro, where the grape for port wine is grown.
Finished with a port wine sauce, this magnificent dish is a bountiful feast.
The first reports of eczematous inflammation within congenital malformations of postcapillary venules appeared in the mid-1990s with descriptions of dermatitis within nuchal-occipital port wine stains (PWS) in children (1, 2).
Filled with charming water color illustrations of Sam and friends at play, home and school, "Sam's Birthmark" follows the birth and growth of Sam, a boy born with a red, port wine birthmark on his face by his nose.